For All Your Pop Culture Needs... A New #TJAMS Is Finally Here

It’s been a few weeks since Jim Geraghty and I were in studio to record The Jim and Mickey Show podcast. Our producer Dave Perkins was traveling in Europe so we were on an extended hiatus until his return. This week all three of us were thrilled to get back together for some #TJAMS fun.


We open the show with the dramatic ending to my missing cat story. Parker one of my furry babies went missing for two days, and his return brought a flood of emotions along with a few questions.

TLC is bringing back Trading Spaces, the original renovation reality show. Where a set of neighbors swap houses, they team up with a designer and a carpenter to give each other transformed rooms in their house. At the end each reveals their work to the other and that’s when the fun begins. Would you trust your neighbor to redecorate a room in your house? Maybe not if you’ve seen some of the classic blunders made by the designers.
Twin Peaks is returning to television and Jim Geraghty would like me to agree to a weekly segment on the program. Let’s just say he’s a fan. This week his fanboi meter was turned all the way up to eleven as he received a message from one of his favorite actresses from the show, Madchen Amick. I think he actually squeels.

We then turn our sights on the E! original series, The Arrangement. A fictional tale of a Hollywood contract relationship/marriage that is drawing comparisons to the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes saga. The show raises moral questions about how far we are willing to go for love, money and fame. As the drama unfolds, the creators are walking a tight rope between dark and light with characters that are complex enough to force us to see beyond the stereotypes.


HBO’s Big Little Lies has a finale planned this Sunday, a murder mystery set in on the sandy beaches of Monterey, California. This female lead driven story is headlined by Hollywood heavyweights, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman builds slowly and ominously as tensions rise between the affluent mothers whose kindergarteners attend the same school. It’s dark, rich in character development and at times can almost feel oppressive to the viewer as the raw emotions portrayed sometimes feel just a little too real. We know someone is dead, but we don’t even know who that is and I’m still hooked. Jim isn’t quite as smitten.

Finally we wrap with some of our favorite listener answers to our weekly #TrivialTuesday question. If you’re looking for a break from all the political banter, spend an hour with Jim, Dave and I as we work through the pop culture stories of the week.


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