Trump to Sign Executive Order Rolling Back Obama's Climate Change Regulations for Energy Industry

Donald Trump learned something from Barack Obama, how to sign an Executive Order.

Today, President Trump will continue his pillaging of Obama era regulations, in an effort to ease pressure on energy companies and their employees. The EO’s will take aim at the Environmental Protection Agency, while hopefully providing some relief for those in the struggling energy industry.


“It is an issue that deserves attention,” the official said of climate change. “But I think the President has been very clear that he is not going to pursue climate change policies that put the US economy at risk. It is very simple.”

There are are several key components of Obama’s climate change regulations that Trump will sign away on Tuesday. Candidate Trump promised a focus on revitalizing the Coal Industry, and part of that promise will be fulfilled as regulations will be removed allowing more mining on Federal Lands as well. The Trump administration believes repealing these regulations will give the energy industry an economic boost, thus helping workers as well. Something the Obama administration never seemed to take into consideration.

“The previous administration devalued workers by their policies,” the official said. “We are saying we can do both. We can protect the environment and provide people with work.”

Climate Change believers are going to lose their mind.


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