Dana Loesch Takes No Prisoners in Fox and Friends Interview (Video)

Dana Loesch Takes No Prisoners in Fox and Friends Interview (Video)

Dana Loesch is force of nature.

The host of her own nationally syndicated radio show and star of Blaze TV was on Fox and Friends this morning for a discussion on Media Bias and the failed Obamacare repeal vote. She did not disappoint.

On Ted Koppel’s comment that Sean Hannity is “bad for America”…

“He’s the last person on Earth to accuse someone of being bad for America simply because they are offering opinion. This is the problem with so much of legacy media. This is why you see New Media come up. People are tired of these anchors and reporters giving their opinion as unfettered fact and acting as though there is no bias on their part at all whatsoever.”

The difference between Dana Loesch and Ted Koppel, according to Ms. Loesch? She’s being honest about her bias. She admits she is biased towards the “constitution and natural rights”, thus all of her opinions are seen through that prism. If only we could get those in Big Media to understand this one simple thing, it would improve their credibility almost immediately.

On the attacks by Anti-Trump supporters at a Pro-Trump Rally… “Violence is the language of the Left”

The big question of the day, the ObamaCare replacement bill that failed to come to a vote. “The American people have won.” Loesch admits to not being a fan of the current repeal and replace bill. She explains that this is not what we “protested for”…

“This compromise still funded planned parenthood. It was a one year bait and switch” with many of the unwanted regulations still in place as well. Loesch suggested a second look at Jim Jordan’s plan, saying she isn’t a purist but pointing out the grassroots efforts to get Republicans elected to actually repeal ObamaCare, not to rewrite the bill with the same regulations.

She is better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Wish we had 10 more just like her.

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