Donald Trump Tweets: "ObamaCare Will Explode.....Do Not Worry!"

“Do Not Worry”, that is the message Donald Trump tweeted out to his followers and the world about first attempt to repeal Obamacare.


“ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!”

Look Trump sees everything as a negotiation. He will be back at the table in turn so will the Republicans in the House. This isn’t over yet. Trump may have overplayed his hand in an effort to push through what many called “ObamaCare Lite”. However, for him it very well may have just been a starting point in his mind.

Only in recent history, has rushing to pass bill that haven’t been read, debated and discussed become so fashionable. Our entire government is based on the idea of having a healthy back and forth to eventually settle on the best possible solution. This current plan wasn’t it.

I’m hopeful the next one will address the concerns of Conservatives as well as the reality of the current health insurance crisis created by Obamacare. President Trump is right that Obamacare will collapse under it’s own weight, it’s already happening.

The question becomes…. what can be done to prevent further collapse for those being oppressed by Obamacare costs? Will Donald Trump turn his back on those who voted for him? That seems unlikely. As with many of the President’s actions, it leaves more questions than answers.


Perhaps he’s hoping something on “Judge Jeanine” hosted by Jeanine Pirro will fill in some of the blanks. Just a few minutes after his “Do Not Worry” tweet, he followed it withthis promotional tweet for a Fox News program.

I looked and couldn’t find any confirmation that the President would be appearing on the show. Clearly he wants people to hear whatever it is he believes she’s going to talk about.



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