Patton Oswalt Performs Stand-Up Using Only Mike Huckabee Tweets (Video)

Humor is subjective, I guess.

Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas Governor and Fox News Host likes to make jokes on Twitter. Predictably they are terrible. Some have called them “Dad Jokes” most people simply cringe. Earlier Huckabee sounded a lot like Donald Trump when he addressed those who don’t get his jokes on Twitter:


In this, Patton Oswalt has found inspiration. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian created a stand up routine comprised entirely of recent Mike Huckabee tweets. Kimmel suggested that the jokes may just need a better delivery. Oswalt gives it his best shot…. Watch.

Here are the exact tweets that Mike Huckabee sent out:


Other than the awkward segues the comedian was quoting Mike Huckabee’s tweets, word for word. It seems even with Patton Oswalt’s delivery and a live audience these “jokes” still fell flat.


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