Van Jones Defends His Defense of Trump to Frightened CNN Viewers

Van Jones is afraid of Donald Trump.

He wants his viewers to know that even though he liked part of Trump’s congressional address, he still finds the President to be dangerous.


In addition to believing that Donald Trump, the greatest super villain of all time, he also sees a reason to fear Trump “emotionally”.

“There’s a danger that we all start to become Trump, that we normalize Trump emotionally. There’s a danger that we all become fear-based and fear-driven and we give in 100 percent to this whole us-against-them hysteria, that we close up our hearts.”

This “otherizing” of Trump is annoying to me. The guy was all over CNN in the Primary. No one is really “afraid” of him, they’re just mad he beat Hillary Clinton.

While Van Jones says he doesn’t want us to live in “fear and paranoia”, that’s exactly what he is spreading. Encouraging even. Apparently Jones’ audience isn’t mature enough to handle political disagreements without seeing the other side as enemies. So all of this talk of an open heart is just that. Talk.


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