Ann Coulter Shreds House GOP on ObamaCare Replacement Bill

When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And Ann Coulter is not happy with the House GOP’s long awaited Obamacare replacement bill. The feisty author took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to express her dismay with the plan.


I hadn’t given much thought to the defunding of Planned Parenthood, because I think part of me doesn’t believe that Donald Trump will actually sign it. Having said that, Coulter makes an interesting point. In this bill it’s one of the few positives to be found.

Seeing that their won’t be enough fiscal cuts throughout this phase to even make a dent in the destruction Obamacare has wrought, this feels like another opportunity for Abortion to be used as a wedge issue. If Trump ever signs such legislation, I’ll happily eat my words.

Now here Ann Coulter is getting to the heart of the matter with this current version of the “Repeal and Replace” bill, there isn’t enough structural change to make a difference. This flies in the face of those of us who have fought for a competitive, portable replacement.


President Trump actually answered this question earlier in the day…

Here in lies one of the biggest problem with the GOP plan, they can’t seem to explain it in it’s entirety. If the replacement plan is going to be rolled out in three phases, then Paul Ryan or Donald Trump need to be out in front explaining exactly how it will work.
The end of Ann Coulter’s Twitter mini-rant, caught my attention as well. I can’t decide if she’s giving a shout out or a warning to Dave Brat, the Virginia congressman conservative talk radio and “tea party” activists used to oust Eric Cantor.


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