WATCH. SNL Seeks Republican Who Will Put "Country Over Party" in Movie Parody

Overall Saturday Night Live was pretty lame this week. Without Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, most of the political heavy lifting went to Kate McKinnon and most of it just fell flat. The partisanship of the show isn’t a secret, at this point I’m starting to wonder if the shows should count as in kind contributions to the Democrats or to Trump 2020.

The writers and cast insist on insulting Republican voters every single week. This was no exception. SNL produced a parody movie trailer, to harass Republicans for not standing up to Donald Trump. “Courage, Compassion, Country, The TBD Story”… watch…

Only one problem with this skit. Republicans have been speaking out against Donald Trump nearly every day. There is literally a “Never Trump” win of the Republican party now. Show me where the Democrats have ever offered any opposition to one of their Presidents. They vote and speak in lockstep, then have the audacity to mock that it’s Republicans that refuse to put “country first”.

A key component of comedy is “It’s funny because it’s true”. It’s equally unfunny when it’s not.


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