Like Lovesick Teenagers, Major Media Outlets Fawning over Hillary Clinton's "Definitely Not" Staged Photo

I was reading through Twitter this morning, when I saw this pathetic story from ABC News. They just happened upon Hillary Clinton on a plane, she has a cool new phone and newspapers full of headlines about Mike Pence’s AOL account.


Hillary Clinton was photographed on March 3, 2017, by a fellow passenger on a Boston to New York flight, reading a USA Today cover story about Mike Pence””s use of personal email while governor of
In the photo, Clinton is sitting in a coach window seat next to Huma Abedin, glancing at a copy of USA Today, which features the story, “Pence used personal email in office.”

Caitlin Quigley, who snapped the photo says it “definitely [was] not staged. She was holding a paperback, and then leaned over [to look at USA Today.]”

“Definitely not staged.” roughly translated means, totally staged. I was disgusted but not surprised to see ABC News fawning over Hillary Clinton, the Media is acting like a love sick teenager with the former failed presidential candidate.

It wasn’t until I saw another tweet from CBS News slinging the same story less than an hour later, that I felt compelled to share it with you.


Nearly the exact same headline. Same photo. Same set up. There is literally nothing newsworthy about this photo, even if it were captured in a candid moment. When you realize it’s nothing more than a staged publicity photo, it’s beyond frustrating to see two (expect more) major broadcast outlets cover it.

I kind of assume someone on Hillary Clinton’s staff actually took the photo, similar to finding her hiking in the woods, and shopping at Whole Foods pictures that surfaced shortly after her embarrassing loss to Donald Trump.

I expect Hillary Clinton to attempt to do everything she can to salvage her image, I don’t expect the Media to do her job for her. At this point they are acting as her public relations arm. It’s ridiculous and it’s just one of the many reasons, no one trusts the media.


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