Mary Katharine Ham's Emotional Tweetstorm in Defense of Carryn Owens

Mary Katharine Ham, contributor to CNN and The Federalist, took to twitter after Donald Trump’s speech to make an address of her own.

At an emotional moment in the evening, Trump acknowledged the widow of Ryan Owens, a Navy SEAL that was killed during an operation in Yemen. Van Jones called it the moment “Trump became President“. Carryn Owens teary response to the President’s recognition that resulted in a 2 minute standing ovation. It resulted in an outpouring of support across social media, except for a callous few who could not put their own personal partisan feelings aside to respect Ryan Owens, his service and his wife.

Yes. Leave it to liberals on social media to berate a mother, a widow and a wife of a Navy Seal on social media. But of course, attack her they did. Some ridiculed Carryn Owens for accepting the invitation. Instead of seeing the nod from the President as an honor or a tribute, some choose to call Mrs. Owens names, and question her motives. Like this user, who later deleted the tweet…

In response to all the soulless comments, Mary Katharine Ham sent this tweetstorm .

Heartbreaking. Real. Raw. All of the emotions. Some things shouldn’t have to be said. Mary Katharine Ham experienced her own loss in 2015, when her husband, Jake Brewer was killed during a charity event just two months before the birth of their second daughter.

I am inspired and in awe of both of these amazingly strong women.

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