NYT Op-Ed: Election of Donald Trump Just Like Pearl Harbor and 9/11

Where to begin?

Thomas Friedman wrote an op-ed for the New York Times on Tuesday, in it he expressed the talking point “This Is Not Normal” that we’ve been hearing since Hillary Clinton lost in November. In an effort to show that Friedman can notch the hysteria way past eleven, he claimed that Donald Trump’s win was like being attacking on 9/11 and Pearl Harbor… and the resignation of Mike Flynn is proof.


No I’m not using hyperbole, he is…

We need to rerun the tape. Ladies and gentlemen, we were attacked on Dec. 7, 1941, we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, and we were attacked on Nov. 8, 2016. That most recent attack didn’t involve a horrible loss of lives, but it was devastating in its own way. Our entire intelligence community concluded that Russia hacked our election by deliberately breaking into Democratic National Committee computers and then drip-by-drip funneling embarrassing emails through WikiLeaks to undermine Clinton’s campaign. And what have we done about it? Other than a wrist slap against Moscow, we’ve moved on.

That is not O.K.

Don’t worry you guys, Friedman isn’t saying Trump stole the election, he’s saying the Russians gave it to him… totally different. He also references Hamilton and Meryl Streep so you know he’s super serious.

I am not arguing that Trump is not the legitimate president; he won for many reasons. But I am arguing that he is not behaving like one. Trump presents himself as “Mr. Patriotism,” wrapped in the American flag. And yet he has used his Twitter account to attack BMW for building an auto plant in Mexico, Boeing for over charging for a government airplane, the cast of “Hamilton” for appealing to the vice president to reaffirm American pluralism, American newspapers for undercounting the size of his inauguration crowd and the actress Meryl Streep for calling him out for bullying a handicapped reporter. And yet “Mr. Patriotism” has barely uttered a word of criticism on Twitter or off about a Russian president who has intervened in our democratic process.

That’s not O.K.


You can read the whole glorified Tumbler post….

No. Mr. Friedman, what is “No O.K.” is the way you and an your journalist friends have been devaluing our elections, literally since November 9th because Hillary Clinton did not win. If she had this “Russian Hacking” narrative would have never been invented. Using the resignation of Mike Flynn to just spin the exact same story, isn’t new or inventive. It’s just more of the same.

People like Thomas Friedman have obviously yet to learn that when critiquing Donald Trump, it’s best not to appear crazier than he is. Or more power hunger. Thus far the left has failed miserably at this one.

The rhetoric has heightened to now include being worse than the largest attacks on American citizens and Trump has been President for less than a month. Where do they go from here? They’ve literally hit peak tragic comparisons. Is this how they will hit their hysteria ceiling?
Will they run out of terrible things to compare Trump’s electoral win?


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