WATCH NOW: The 44th Annual March For Life- Live from DC

The 44th annual March for Life is taking place in Washington, DC. Each year hundreds of thousands of people come together to celebrate “Life”. This is possibly the truest non-partisan event in DC. Everyone in attendance has a clear purpose, the preservation of innocent life. Each has their own reason for attending, Men, Women, Democrats, Republicans, Black, White, Brown, you’re going to see everyone represented in this crowd. Some very special guests in the crowd today, vice president Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway are scheduled to speak.

If you couldn’t make it to DC. We’ve got you covered. You can watch all the action live:

The March for Life officially begins at 11:30am. With an opening prayer scheduled for around 11:45. There is a Rally at noon, then they are planning to begin the actual “march” around 1:00pm, EST.

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