Planned Parenthood Lashes out at "March Of Lies" in Twitter Screed

Planned Parenthood is not taking the March for Life success well at all. On Friday afternoon they began tweeting from the verified twitter account using the hashtag, #MarchOfLies. That’s one way to earn the hearts and minds.

The “non-partisan” organization had no problem going directly after the current administration.

They also were quick to defend the one thing Planned Parenthood really does care about, their funding.

It’s beyond parody that an organization which is based in politics, not women’s health would suddenly criticize those who they believe mix the two. “Gynoticians” I assume only applies to those who oppose Planned Parenthood.

It does appear that Sen. Joni Ernst hit a nerve, once again as it pertains to their Federal Funding.

At least they’re being more transparent now. They want the federal money, and they don’t want to hear anything that could stop that cash flow.