SNL Writer Suspended for Disturbing Barron Trump Tweet, Apologizes

Think before you tweet. That’s the lesson Katie Rich is learning, after her disgusting “joke” about Barron Trump went viral. Rich deleted the tweet, then deactivated her Twitter and Facebook accounts, it’s rumored in a response to the social media backlash. Now Rich has reactivated her Twitter account to apologize, amid reports of her suspension from Saturday Night Live.


The New York Times:

She was suspended immediately after her tweet, and her suspension is indefinite, according to someone familiar with the plans at “S.N.L.,” who was not authorized by NBC to comment on personnel matters.

When SNL aired on Saturday night, Katie Rich’s name was not listed in the credits. Rich’s apology is fine, it’s the part where she thought it was funny to mock a 10 year old boy where there’s a problem. The election of Donald Trump has made Hollywood lose all sense of decency. Here’s hoping Katie Rich’s time out signals the others to calm the hell down.

Trump is the President. Whether any of us like it or not, leave his kid alone. In a rare display of restraint, Mr. Trump did not tweet out a response to the tweet or to SNL this weekend. Way to go, Hollywood. You’ve found a topic so low, that even Trump won’t give it credence.


I don’t think anyone should lose their job over a tweet, however I do believe Katie Rich and the others like her are at a “teachable moment”. Some boundaries you just don’t cross. Mocking ten year old boys, is one of them.


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