SNL Writer Tweets Then Deletes Disgusting "Joke" About Barron Trump

As Andrea Ruth wrote earlier, jokes about Barron Trump really should be off limits. This is something Saturday Night Live writer, Katie Rich should have considered before hitting Twitter on Friday.


Rich sent out a tweet during the Inauguration, calling the young boy, “the next homeschool shooter”. After the tweet was picked up by Conservative Twitter, Katie Rich deleted it. This is who writes “Weekend Update”, SNL’s satirical news cast. You’d think she’d have better jokes. Thankfully, Rob Province took a screengrab before she did.

Yeah. She writes for SNL. Is it any wonder the show isn’t funny anymore? Come on he’s a ten year boy. And since when are school shootings a laugh riot? This type of behavior is disgusting. It also makes it very hard not to root for young Barron, and his Dad.

Not sure that was the intention.


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