Prominent Trump Nominee Plans to "Educate" Him on Russia

One of soon to be President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks is not going to be a Putin stooge. Or even a Trump stooge.

Nikki Haley (R-SC), showed candor during her confirmation hearings to be the next ambassador to the United Nations. The formidable governor testified that she wouldn’t simply be taking orders from Trump, she plans to educate him along the way.


Allahpundit from was kind enough to tweet out the video on Wednesday.

“Once the president-elect gets to hear from his national security team, I think what he says after that will be most important, and I think those are the focuses that we are going to have with the National Security Council and making sure that we educate and inform him of what we know, inform him of strategies, and then go along with whatever decision he decides to make.”

Let’s just hope he listens to those dissenting voices. According to Haley, Trump doesn’t plan to surround himself with “yes men”.

“That’s how an administration works. You surround yourself with people who don’t just say ‘yes’ to what you think, they actually challenge you and tell you about other opinions.”


Haley believes the President-elect is open to those opinions.

Certainly, Donald Trump has selected some opinionated cabinet members, it’s refreshing to think of them as being obstructionists. Specifically as it applies to the UN. Nikki Haley’s approach to actually expect something in return for our dollar would be a welcome change, and a reward for those who voted Trump but counted on Republicans to set him straight when necessary.


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