U.N.I.T.Y. Steve Harvey Summarizes His Meeting with Donald Trump in Tweet

Entertainment mogul, Steve Harvey met with President-elect Donald J. Trump on Friday. Mr. Harvey, author, comedian host of “Steve Harvey Morning Show“, The Steve Harvey Show and of course Family Feud, among his many accomplishments hails from West Virginia and is the poster child for the American Dream. He also has a strong credible voice in the black community, he tends to practice what he preaches. This could turn out to be a very smart move by the Trump Transition team, as they attempt to win over the black community.


After the highly publicized meeting Steve Harvey took to twitter to release a statement.

God Bless Steve Harvey for making this effort. Taking the opportunity to work with Dr. Ben Carson utilizing his own foundation and experience to improve the failing HUD system, is an act to be commended. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are happy with the current conditions in inner cities, even if we often don’t agree on the solution. By working with Trump’s administration, instead of against it perhaps we can actually see some much needed change with the way we handle it.

Steve Harvey’s statement is one that we should all be able to rally around. Not in support of Donald Trump, but in an effort to heal the wounds created by the divisive Obama years. We’re all Americans, when we work together we can accomplish great things.


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