Report: Donald Trump Could Sue Buzzfeed for Releasing Dossier

Buzzfeed is having a bad week. It could get worse. Seems Donald Trump may have legal grounds to sue the website for publishing the undocumented dossier on him. Their editor Ben Smith, may have sealed their legal fate with his admission on social media that they were aware that of the unreliable nature of the source.

Advertisement breaks it down:
“Buzzfeed could find itself in a situation in which having acknowledged that it was printing unverified defamatory material of which it had serious doubts; as to its truth, it might not have the benefit of the constitutional protections of the actual malice rule,” First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams explained to The actual malice rule is a condition that is required to prove a defamation case regarding a public official that says the defendant must have knowledge that the information was false or that it was published with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.

“What Mr. Trump would have to weigh, as any other libel plaintiff is whether he really wants to endure probing discovery and possibly a jury trial on the issue of substantial truth of the allegations,” Abrams continued.

Oh. When have we ever known Trump to be petty and retaliatory though? I mean that doesn’t sound like our new President-elect at all, he’s nothing but the picture of grace. Who am I kidding. You and I both know Buzzfeed should start saving for their defense fund now, before they end up facing the same fate as Gawker.


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