Rep. John Lewis on Meet the Press: Donald Trump is Not "Legitimate President"

This will not end well. John Lewis is appearing on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, to promote the interview, NBC News just shared a clip, where the former civil rights activist, and Georgia Representative states in clear language that he doesn’t recognize the results of the Presidential election, nor President-elect Donald Trump.



NBC News:

In an exclusive interview with NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) said he does not believe Donald Trump is a “legitimate president,” citing Russian interference in last year’s election.

Asked whether he would try to forge a relationship with the president-elect, Lewis said that he believes in forgiveness, but added, “it’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president.”

His rhetoric is unhelpful and divisive, at a time when the country needs to accept the election results, to ever be able to move forward. Once again proving, the Democrats don’t really care about unity, they only care about power.

Can you even imagine what John Lewis’ reaction would’ve been if a sitting Republican Congressman denied the legitimacy of a newly-elected Barack Obama? The cries of racism would have swelled so high that the congressman would probably have to resign in shame. I have a great deal of respect for the work John Lewis did during the Civil Rights Era, that is no excuse for his behavior now though. I don’t want him to resign or even apologize at this point, as he wouldn’t mean it anyway. What I’d like is for Lewis and his fellow Democrats to act like they believe in the system that has given them careers.


The full interview airs on Sunday, however I have a feeling Mr. Trump won’t be able to wait that long to respond.


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