INSIDE JOB. French Police Arrest 16 in Kim Kardashian Robbery Round Up

This is like a dark version of Ocean’s Eleven. Kim Kardashian was bound, threatened and robbed at gunpoint last October during a Fashion Week visit to Paris. Ms. Kardashian was accosted in her rented flat by multiple assailants as they stole millions of dollars worth of her jewelry. Immediately after the brutal assault many questioned the circumstances, and the authenticity of Kim Kardashian’s account. Now 16 people have been arrested in connection with the heist, including a man who works for a limo company that the Kardashian-Jenner clan use when they are in the city.


People is reporting on the new developments and the ties to the Kardashian family.

As a result, the question of whether Kardashian West’s indirect entourage was involved in the heist now arises. Several major French networks are reporting that the driver, who is reportedly 27 years old, is among those arrested. While the extent of his involvement remains unclear, French police appear to believe he may have provided the robbers with inside information about the star’s whereabouts.

Kardashian West’s French attorney Jean Veil told FR2 that the star is “very happy” and “very reassured” by the French police’s recent actions.

Le Monde also reports that the five alleged robbers who disguised themselves as policemen are part of the 17 suspects who were arrested Monday morning in different locations around Paris and other surrounding cities. The average age of the five men is reportedly around 55, and one of them was reportedly identified via DNA found on a roll of adhesive tape that was used to bind Kardashian West’s hands.

M6 TV is also reporting that police are still working on assessing the connections between those arrested, some of which may have been in touch with the Kardashian family.

A source tells PEOPLE that in order to achieve Monday’s coordinated arrests, police spent weeks reviewing video surveillance tapes they’d collected from shops and restaurants on the same street and in the vicinity of the No Address Hotel.


At this point the French authorities have not confirmed if this ring was involved with the attack on Naomi Campbell or Mallika Sherawatt both women reported similar attacks in Paris in the last two months, after Kim Kardashian was robbed.


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