#TJAMS: Welcome To the Happy Reboot Year!

Sometimes when Jim Geraghty and I sit down to do show prep for The Jim and Mickey Show podcast, we are blessed with an abundance of current events news, some weeks it’s a bit slower on the action. One thing I never concern myself with is content though, as Jim and I can talk for hours about nothing. Perhaps that’s why a few of our listeners have referred to #TJAMS as the Seinfeld of podcasting. High praise for our little show.


This week we open up the show by talking about the shift into the new year. The anticipation, the resolutions, the recidivism that the first week of January brings. In the least surprising news of 2017, Jim and I have very different approaches to the whole thing.

Then I take one for the team. I’ve committed to watching The Bachelor. And when I say “committed”, I mean for as long as it holds my interest. The backstory on this season’s leading man was enough to draw me in, and the first night with the ladies made me look forward to the next episode. Jim and our producer Big Dave, always the skeptics eventually start to see the allure. So for now… I’m here for all the wrong reasons, Bachelor fans, but I’m here nonetheless.

Jim then introduces us to a new show on The CW network, “Riverdale”. An Archie comic revival that as Jim tells it, might even capture my imagination. The trailers do indicate there will be dead bodies, and a murder mystery. For Twin Peaks fans this feels like an homage, so of course Jim is intrigued. But does this really feel like “Archie” the guy whose biggest problem was deciding between Betty and Veronica? We discuss the many dark versions of classics being rebooted, imagine a few of our own.


Speaking of… it’s officially awards season with the Golden Globes kicking off this week. The causal setting of the Golden Globes has historically offered a refreshing break from most of Hollywood’s snobbery. We discuss past highlights, go over some of our favorite nominees and make some predictions for this year’s event hosted by Jimmy Fallon on NBC.

Finally we normally discuss our #TrivialTuesday topic, however it got rolled unexpectedly into our first segment. So Jim thought we should discuss “Pillowgate” as he called it. Who knew people had such strong opinions about their pillows?

Listen to “Happy Reboot Year”.


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