Liberal CEO Tweets to Middle America: Stop being a Sh*thole full of Stupid People

Liberals are the worst. They make me happy that Donald Trump won. They also make it clearer every day why he did. This little rant written by Melinda Byerley got the attention of conservative twitter on Saturday night. Byerley. CEO of a marketing and advertising consulting firm, in San Francisco, offered some free advice to “middle America”. At least I hope this isn’t the type of thing she charges for….


Hey, Melinda. What did the midwest do to you? Were you one of the girls that fled her small town hoping to be understood in the big city? Or are you one of the urbanites that have never lived more than a block from a subway stop? Show us on the doll where the midwest hurt you, Melinda.

To sit down and pen an open letter to an entire swath of the country sounds like this is personal. Melinda Byerley is mad as hell, at you Middle America, and she’s not going to take it anymore. And she’s normally a totally kind and joyous person, You Guys…

From Ms. Byerley’s LinkedIn profile.

*I am kind, but I will be the person in the room who asks questions others might fear to ask, and am persistent about using productive conflict to get results. In high growth businesses, there’s no room for festering concerns.
*I am a servant leader and find joy in helping coworkers to put the best into and get the most out of their work. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than work with jerks. Life’s just too short. I’m not a fan of businesses that take advantage of their customers or treat them poorly.


Byerley doesn’t seem like she’s a joy to work with either. Let alone kind. I guess that only applies if you don’t live in a rural sh*thole.

This is why Trump won. This is why people outside of major cities are disgusted. These authoritarian, condescending liberals love class warfare. It makes them feel like they are better than those who live in flyover country. Same people will spend hours telling you the benefits of Farm to Table food and the need for local food sources though. As they pay twelve dollars a jar for pickles.


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