Slate Scolds Cinnabon over Carrie Fisher Tweet

As we all mourn the loss of our precious Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, Slate wants to make sure that we grieve in a socially acceptable way. Or more to the point. They want to tell you how to feel, and how to act, again. Even in times of sorrow, Slate consistently finds a way to make things worse. It’s what they do.


Yesterday the popular mall food court staple, Cinnabon sent out a tweet which was later deleted in reference to the passing of Carrie Fisher. It was an ill-conceived attempt at humor that nearly all brands face in the social media age. It’s sometimes difficult to be a clever marketer during a national period of mourning.


The usual outrage mongers were outraged, however we can always count on Slate to take their liberal lunacy to a whole new level of way too much time on their hands. Not only must they criticize Cinnabon, but they’ve turned the entire incident into a think piece on what is wrong with America.

Just another example of the constant authoritarian outlook of the left, first brought to the forefront by Jonah Goldberg in “Liberal Fascism“. Nothing is too insignificant for one of their “teachable moments”. They are always looking for more ways that others can improve themselves, yet they never seem to find the time to direct that focus inward.


You may not like the tweet Cinnabon sent out, but they apologized and deleted it. That really should’ve been the end of it. Carrie Fisher probably would have enjoyed it. She was known for her off beat humor. Personally I didn’t find the original “best buns” tweet offensive, but then again I’m not a humorless liberal scold either. Suddenly craving a hot frosted cinnamon roll, though.


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