Harry Reid: Dems 2020 Bench an "Old Folks Home"

In what is mostly a puff piece about Harry Reid and his pending retirement with New York Magazine, the again Senator still managed to take a few swipes at his own party. Suffice to say it doesn’t appear that Harry Reid is happy at all with the Democrats 2020 prospects at this point.


From the interview:

Another aide brought up Joe Biden’s recent remark that he was thinking about running for president in 2020. “Would you support him?” she inquired.

“It depends on who’s running,” Reid replied. “It appears we’re going to have an old-folks’ home. We’ve got [Elizabeth] Warren; she’ll be 71. Biden will be 78. Bernie [Sanders] will be 79.”

Read the entire article.

The dismantling of the Democratic party of the last 30 years is something to behold. Most of these elected officials have been in office for longer than I’ve been alive. So much for the party of progress. Instead of running for President in 2020, they should probably just retire instead.


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