Kellyanne Conway: "...I Don't Play Golf and I Don't Have a Mistress"

I think I’m developing a crush on Kellyanne Conway. Sure I don’t agree with everything she says, or does but I’m really starting to like the way she says it. The girl has spunk.

Conway, mother of four was interviewed on Fox Business after being named the Senior Counsel to the President. The interview once again turned to the topic of her children. Something she has noted her male counterparts are never asked. After explaining she wanted to make the move for the family a gradual one to not disrupt her kids lives, the interviewer pressed further mentioning Juan Williams comments about her children and her job. Her Response?

“I would say that I don’t play golf and I don’t have a mistress, so I’ll have a lot of time that these other men don’t.”

Watch Kellyanne drop the mic:

In case you missed any of it, someone was kind enough to transcribe the good parts on twitter.

Kellyanne Conway is right to be irritated with this line of questioning. The same media that is giving her such a hard time for holding such a powerful position wanted us to elect Hillary Clinton. This is the worst kind of partisan politics, what Conway has done professionally is historic. She is the first woman to run a successful Presidential campaign, she’s going to be in the President’s inner circle. I don’t suspect Oprah will be sitting down with Kellyanne anytime soon, but she should.

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