German Police Launch Massive Manhunt for Tunisian with Terrorist Ties

German police have launched a manhunt for their new suspect in the terrorist attack at the Christmas Market in Berlin.


Authorities have released this picture of the suspect and are now offering a reward of 100,000 euros for information leading to his capture. The wanted photo is being circulated by the press and on social media.


You may recall they had to release the original suspect, when they realized they had the wrong guy. Now they’re focused on an Tunisian man, with ties to ISIS and oh and he’s a refugee.

From the Wall Street Journal:

ERLIN—Authorities on Wednesday were seeking a 23-year-old Tunisian man who had been on the radar of intelligence services since last year as a suspect in the deadly truck attack at Berlin’s Christmas market, a German security official said.

The man, identified as Anis A., had entered Germany in July 2015 and applied for asylum, the official said. He got temporary approval to stay in Germany even though his asylum application was rejected, the official said.

German authorities had classified him as a potentially violent follower of the fundamentalist Salafi strain of Islam, and suspected ties to Islamic State, the official said.

Another security official confirmed police were seeking the man. Investigators pinpointed him as their suspect after finding his residency permit in the cab of the truck used in the attack, they said. But the document was only found on Tuesday, during a more thorough search of the truck than the one that took place in the aftermath of the attack the previous night, according to one of the officials.

The Tunisian man had used a number of different identities while in Germany, also claiming on some occasions that he was Egyptian or Lebanese, officials said.

Look either we’re serious about terrorism or we’re not, as a society, Germany is reaping the harvest of their own bad decisions. How many attacks are we going to witness before we recognize we need to be more proactive with those we have under surveillance. That is of course, if this is the right man this time…


“This is a suspect, not necessarily a perpetrator,” Mr. de Maizière said. “This suspect has been wanted since midnight, in Germany” and elsewhere in Europe.

This will do nothing to calm the recent uprisings related to their refugee crisis, with German lawmakers already taking swings across the aisle for their lax security policies on terrorism and the refugee program.

“There is clearly a connection between the refugee crisis and the elevated terror danger in Germany,” conservative lawmaker Stephan Mayer said after a closed-door briefing in parliament on the investigation. “The identity of this Tunisian also underlines this, since he clearly entered Germany through Italy in the context of the refugee crisis.”

Don’t expect this to ease tensions here in the United States either.As we see more of the terrorist attacks across Europe that are now being mimiced in the events at Ohio State University. These stories have had a tendency to go down the memory hole after they no longer fit the media narrative.


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