NBC/WSJ Poll: Who Does The Average American Trust?

Taking a look at this NBC/WSJ poll, one could easily suggest “This is Why Trump Won”. The question was posed to a thousand adults, what “institutions do you have a great deal of confidence”? The answers aren’t that surprising, but they are indicative of where the average American stands on some pretty basic issues. Notice, You won’t find any left wing causes at the top of America’s circle of trust.


It’s good to know that most of those polled put the Military at the very top of institutions that can be trusted. I agree with them there. It’s also fascinating that Police Officers, Small Businesses and the Supreme Court round out the top five, along with tech gurus. This flies in the face of the 24/7 coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement, abortion rights, and anti-capitalist rants. America disagrees.

It’s also interesting the “National News Media” is trusted just slightly more than the memes being passed around on Facebook and Twitter. Also of note, this is different then the original chart and results that were initially released by NBC, those focused on the partisanship of the trust. It also left out quite a bit of information.

These appear to be based on the same data, just focused on different points. We should all be pleasantly surprised that even though the media has attempted to brainwash the American public, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Worth noting that “The Entertainment” industry scores even lower than the “National Media” on the trust index. Someone should let Martin Sheen and Debra Messing know, we wouldn’t want them to rush out and embarass themselves again.

The National Media and The Entertainment Industry continue to mock middle America, the military, support anti-police messaging and they will slide right off the public’s radar for trust worthy sources. This should cause them some alarm for their very existence.

Another industry that might want to do some reflection on their current marketing plans is the Religious community. It’s disheartening to see that trust in the Church is so low, but with so many using the title of Pastor or Reverend without any of the spirituality to back it up, is it any wonder the public doubts the legitimacy of some religious teachings?

In short the public is rejecting the media narrative for now. And overall the news is good, at this point we’re all in some agreement about those who are to be trusted and those who are not. However to the Media and Hollywood, I must ask, “Do You Want More Trump?” Because this is how you get four more years of Trump.

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