Look at this Chilling Picture of Yasmin Seweid, The Day After Her Arrest

Last night I shared the story of the Muslim teen who had falsely reported a hate crime and attributed it to Donald Trump supporters. Yasmin Seweid, 18 has gone on to reveal in her interviews with the police that the reason she felt compelled to lie in to the authorities was because of her fear of reprisal from her strict religious parents. It appears the young woman may have had a right to be afraid. This photo was making it’s rounds on Twitter this morning of Seweid and her brother. What a difference a day makes.

This photo and the body language expressed are familiar and make me afraid for this girl, and could explain her irrational act:

Yasmin Seweid/Facebook.

Just a reminder of what Seweid looked like prior to having her head shaved:

Quite a startling difference. No? I’m genuinely concerned for Ms. Seweid safety as the shaving of the head is a standard practice amongst Muslims who adhere to Honor Punishment. Yasmin Seweid admitted she had been out with friends, possibly at a party when she claimed the attack took place. I think we can all understand why she would tell this lie, what is inexcusable is the Media’s use of her story, without ever verifying it.

As I stated with my initial post, this rabbit hole doesn’t end with her arrest. Instead we should keep an eye on Yasmin and her family as this progresses. We owe her at least that much.