Nikki Haley Tapped Ambassador to UN ... Ann Coulter Hardest Hit

As soon as the announcement was made that Nikki Haley, Republican Governor from South Carolina, would be nominated to the position of Ambassador to the United Nations, the eyes of conservative media turned to Ann Coulter.

For some reason Coulter has been especially vile towards Haley, throughout the campaign.

Coulter infamously said and tweeted that Donald Trump if elected should “deport” Governor Haley.

Now the woman who wrote “In Trump, We Trust” isn’t feeling as faithful. Ann Coulter has fallen into the trap of her own making. She has nothing left but identity politics. Something she used to fight against.

Just making sure that she insulted everyone in the room, Coulter then joked about Haley being “a girl”, so no need for Mitt Romney in the cabinet.

Ann Coulter and all of Trump’s Super Fans are getting the heartbreak they deserve after this election cycle. President-elect Donald Trump is making his decisions not on what Ann Coulter tweets but what is best for his administration, and hopefully the country. Coulter hasn’t learned yet that The Donald used people to get what he wants, when he’s done with them he discards them.

The election is over Ann Coulter like many of the pundits haven’t figured that out yet, they used up all their political and cultural capital on Donald Trump. Now he’s in office and has no use for them.

This could be good news for the rest of us.

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