Ann Coulter: The "Wicked Witch" Responds

After I had tweeted a link to my earlier Ann Coulter post, she responded. I got the impression that I may have struck a nerve, under that very thick skin of hers. I suspect it wasn’t just what I was saying, but who I was saying it to that bothered her the most. Coulter likes to see herself as the Right Wing Nut that the media loves when they merely use her to prove their point. (See the awkward Rob Lowe Roast on Comedy Central) I shared my earlier story with Perez Hilton and a few other celebrities. They didn’t exactly pat Ann on the back for her cosmopolitan wit.

For as much as Ms. Coulter envisions herself “one of them,” she isn’t. And somewhere deep down, in that cold dark heart of hers, she knows it. That’s why I believe I got the response I did.

My mentions were flooded with Coulter’s supporters who were quick to tell me just how I wrong I was about her. In between the grade school insults, they rotated between telling me that Ann was right; that she didn’t tweet what I read with my own eyes. Coulter’s fans have some inconsistency problems, just like she does.

A particularly amusing member of the Coulter Cult determined the real reason for my issues with Ann and her Nazi friends — my last name.

Nothing gets passed these people.

For whatever reason, Ann Coulter has chosen to become a caricature of the woman I used to admire. Maybe this is always was who she’s been. I don’t pretend to know her motivations for flirting with the worst of humanity.

You see it’s all about “context.” At least that’s what many of Coulter’s angry fans typed to me in BOLD FACE, CAPS LOCK.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to get the context wrong on what Ann Coulter is saying and tweeting as she’s building a pattern of behavior that backs it all up.

Apparently in some parallel universe putting Nazi support into “context” matters.

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