Trump Tweets SNL: Sparks Twitter War With Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is back on Saturday Night Live after a week of negotiations with NBC, the controversial actor has once again found his home at 30 Rock, playing Donald Trump. Our President-elect didn’t seem to appreciate SNL’s humor suddenly last night after hosting the show himself only a year ago.


Starting to think that Trump’s Tweets are the new “Fireside Chats”. He uses Twitter to cut through all the filters, good or bad to communicate with his most loyal fan base. I guess you could call them voters.

Within hours, Alec Baldwin, another man known for his temperament, responded to Trump through his foundations, Twitter account.

Baldwin famously “left” Twitter after one too many meltdowns, now he’s back but he’s using his Foundation’s official account to sass the President. I’d mention something about a conflict of interest but c’mon it’s 2016. We all know no one cares about that kind of thing.


What does have people up in arms on both sides is the continued use of Twitter, by Trump as he continues the transition into the Presidency.

Meanwhile I can’t decide what is more entertaining at this point, Trump’s tweeting or the media’s response to it. And in the most shocking news of 2016, Piers Morgan and I agree on something:

The media was right about one this election, it’s historic alright. President-elect Trump is writing his own rules as he goes along.


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