Trump, TMZ and Fox News. 2016 in a Nutshell.

President-elect Donald J. Trump just confirmed via twitter that he will be featured tonight on Fox News in a profile of his life, hosted by Harvey Levin. Owner of TMZ. Yes, that TMZ.

This puts a lovely bow on the Reality TV election that was 2016. I wonder how many Fox News viewers even know who Harvey Levin is? Full disclosure: I occasionally pop up as a guest on TMZ Live. Having said that, I’m thrilled that others are taking TMZ more seriously, as they’ve broken more stories than the Mainstream Media has this year.

My reaction isn’t what matters though.

Many who watch cable news, Fox News viewers in particular, find outlets like “TMZ” detestable. On this I have intimate knowledge, being a pop culture girl, I feel the push back from my readers on a daily basis. Usually screeching the words, “Culture Rot!” as they tell me that news delivered from TMZ is “A WASTE OF TIME!!”

Oh really? Seems to me that the Pop Culture has more support for Republicans principles than people would give them credit. The unwashed masses did vote for Trump after all. Now you can argue about what that means all day long, but it won’t change the fact that it happened.

For those who rant and rave for a living, Pop Culture and its icons are an easy target to point out the “informed voter” or those that think differently. As I wrote earlier, Kanye West says he would have voted for Trump, Paris Hilton claims she did. These celebs are now are Your team. This one is going to take some time to digest.

Fox News has come under fire from all sides for their biased agenda towards Trump. Sean Hannity has become the Chris Matthews of the right. Getting all tingly-legged when The Donald casts a glance his way. Megyn Kelly has become a household name, not so much for her work on Fox News, but in spite of it.

Add to this sudden fervor of “Fake News!” reporting on the left and we have hit the confluence of 2016.

Nikki Haley suggested that the “Right” needed to do some soul searching after this election, it’s hard to argue with her. Trump won the election as she said, but not in way Republicans normally do. She’s making the point that Trump is the new Obama, in my humble opinion. A reflection of both the culture and the realities, a blank slate to project upon whatever you feel.

Maybe that isn’t the “Republican Model” but it’s where we are as Americans, remember Kanye joins 46% of the population in his decision not to vote. Half the country stayed home. As I’ve said many times, National elections are won through the Independent vote, if Republicans are hoping to continue to win, maybe they shouldn’t be so hard on those who Voted for their candidate.

Meanwhile, Democrats spent the last few weeks of the election and the first few days after suggesting that those in “Pop Culture” shouldn’t normalize Trump. Jimmy Fallon was destroyed for making Trump seem human. The Democrats were furious with Fallon for basically being a good host to guest on his show.

Even Susan Sarandon felt the heat.

It will be interesting to see how this is received by those on both sides of the political spectrum.

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