Ann Coulter Can't Stop Herself... Nastily Insults Nikki Haley

Ann Coulter who has been relatively quiet on social media broke her silence in a big way this afternoon. After the rumors were floated that Nikki Haley was among those being considered for Cabinet positions, possibly even Secretary of State, Coulter tweeted this out to her over 1 million followers:


I’ve got nothing.

She was apparently watching MSNBC at the time.

Nikki Haley isn’t even that kind of “Indian”.

She says she’s being funny with this lean into the white nationalist stuff, but I fail to see the humor. Coulter appears to have spent the rest of the day tweeting links to InfoWars. As I’ve said previously Ann Coulter is one of the most disappointing figures of 2016. There was a time when many looked to her columns and books for smart analysis. Those days are no longer.

Instead of piercing through the nonsense, to deliver the truth to her devoted fans, Coulter has become the noise. Rubbing elbows with the “alt-right”, She’s the reason people think Republicans are Racist. Did I mention she has over a Million followers on Twitter alone?


Ann Coulter served a purpose in this movement, a long time ago when She hadn’t decided that everything she wrote in “Godless” was a lie. Maybe lie isn’t the correct word since she’s become a member of the Upside Down, where everything she used to rail against, is now just part of the game. I want to punch myself for buying her books back in the day. Had we known what a monster we were creating, I wonder how many would feel the same?

Judging by her tweets she is desperately trying to stay relevant, usually first sign that your time in the spotlight is over. Whatever the Case. Ann Coulter doesn’t speak for me, not sure she ever did.


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