The Media Lies; The People Call Their Bluff

The same media that got everything wrong they could, now wants to tell us what’s going to happen next, what President-elect Donald Trump should do, and how we should feel. They are all still in either a state of denial or shock, but clearly it hasn’t set in that we don’t trust them anymore, and they’ve earned it.

To borrow a phrase from Senator Joe Wilson: They Lie!

In the wake of Election 2016, we discovered that the jokes we made, weren’t jokes, the media was really getting their talking points directly from the Democrats. Suddenly no one is laughing. Those who call themselves political reporters in the news media should be ashamed of themselves, but instead they are blaming the people who rejected their lies.

The “News” media has gotten to the point of blending so much to their biases with information that they could no longer discern what was true and what has become “wish casting” a popular term being tossed about. To find that those who hold “Woodward and Bernstein” up as Gods of their industry for uncovering the truth, have been simply taking the Clinton’s at their word, should have been less shocking than it was. Reality is we know about this bias, it runs deep. It goes beyond politics, but it is always driven by their agenda.

The same half truths that bring in the ratings because of the “If it Bleeds, it leads” attitude are the stories that scared members of my family into voting for Donald Trump, first Republican vote for them, by the way.

This may explain all those poll predictions. As I wrote many times, our elections nearly always fall within the margin of error. Independents decide elections, all the time. Every time. Write that down.

For the last several years, the national media’s go to “human interest” stories have involved a lot crime, usually racially charged crimes. My Grandma turns on the “news” every night to hear stories of mass shootings, murder and hate crimes in the streets. It’s no wonder She’s scared. Scared enough to vote for Trump even if she hates “the way he talks, it’s embarrassing, can you imagine..” She doesn’t watch Fox News, she doesn’t travel much anymore, she’s in her mid-80s. She’s strong and she’s seen it all, surviving real life tragedies that would have destroyed a lesser woman, and these wonks on TV are scaring her for ratings.

While they’ve chosen to cover these crimes as though they are common place, the truth is they are the exception. Even though the media blankets their coverage with fear, hate and the idea of rising threat of crime, that’s not reality.

Reality is violent crime is down over the last decade. This isn’t some crazy secret stat I had to find, it required a simple Google search to find a link for this column.

I grabbed this one for the delicious irony, from the Huffington Post, you see it’s not just *that* they lie to us, they know they are lying.

Most Americans (Incorrectly) Believe Crime Is Up. That’s Great News For Donald Trump.

The majority of Americans believe ― incorrectly ― that crime is up in the United States over the past decade, and only a small fraction correctly state that crime is down. While only a small percentage say crime is a very serious problem in their own community, the majority are convinced it’s a very serious problem in the country overall. That’s great news for Donald Trump.

Most Americans, 61 percent, falsely believe that the level of crime in the United States has increased over the past decade, according to a poll conducted by The Huffington Post and YouGov. Just 15 percent of Americans said they believed ― correctly ― that crime rates in the United States had decreased over the past decade.

If the “Reporters” would lie or exaggerate something as simple as the crime rate, imagine what they can do with something as complex as foreign policy. There is a reason the People chose to ignore them, the “National” media has lost all credibility.

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

It wasn’t the polling, the punditry or the election that lost so many voters, they were already gone. It was some other lie that they’d heard and were able to dismiss with their own personal experience. It’s really just that simple, whether it was the constant pounding of the rising of racial tensions, the rioting in the streets, the occupy movement, anti-gun hysteria, with each time those charged to report the truth decided to bend it to their agenda, one more voter tuned them out.

We’ve come to the point in time where Reality and Rhetoric no longer match up for these journalists. Their lies have finally caught up with them. The American people called their bluff.

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