Seth Meyers, Van Jones And The Cry Baby Brigade Against President-elect Trump

While some Hillary Clinton supporters are burning their cities in protest, there are others apparently too afraid to leave their homes. Neither seems to see the irony in this.

Van Jones started this flood of faux fear with his pathetic response to the election of Donald Trump. From there the narrative was set:  A President Trump is so scary, I’m afraid for my children.  (Isn’t it always “for the children”)

But now we’ve moved to a level of stupid that surprises even me. People are giving us advice on how to deal with our fear and how to talk to our children about it…


Proving that the real lesson of 2016 is that no one ever learns anything, celebrities have now taken it upon themselves to continue to lecture us from their bully pulpits. Seth Meyers is just one of many to take their platform to condescend to his viewers and America about hate and tolerance. Oh and he cried.

Since apparently, no one can understand subtlety anymore, allow me to spell it out for you:

If you are an adult who scares your kids with election stories, You are a horrible person. If you believe that You should be afraid, you need to re-read the constitution. If You are a self righteous celebrity, You should shut up and do some self reflection.

America’s got this.

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