So Basically, Ann Coulter Is The Worst Person In The World.

One of the most important lessons we should take away from this election is that many of our former heroes have traded credibility for larger bank accounts. No one has been a bigger disappointment to Conservative Women than Ann Coulter. She was once looked at as being bold, brash and beautiful. Two decades of Political stardom later, Coulter now sounds more like the lonely, old woman who sells flowers on the corner.


Just when it seemed the lanky blonde couldn’t sink any lower… she tweeted the following:


This smacks of crazy talk, and a lot of people pointed out to her that it sounds like the Nuremberg race laws of Third Reich. Those also determined worthiness based on the grandparents.

If this was an attempt at humor it failed. Based on the many responses on Twitter, not sure even her more forgiving fans were pleased with her words.  I mean, c’mon. She’s practically quoting the Nazi handbook so she can insult immigrants of all backgrounds.

Twitter was a buzz from the moment the tweet was published, as of this writing she has not deleted it.  Nor do I expect her to, if she deletes it how will she continue to trend on Twitter this morning?

For some reason I feel the need to point out that Ms. Coulter’s new rule would make her candidate, The Donald and all his children ineligible to even vote let alone run for office. His mother was an immigrant. This was obviously lost on Ann.  Several of her defenders explained to me that what I read was not what she intended to “say”, that there was some secret meaning that would somehow make the insanely stupid words make sense.

But upon further probing, I determined they didn’t actually know what she “meant” either. Nevertheless they were convinced that Coulter was just thinking on another level than everyone else. That’s certainly one way to put it.


There is no decoder ring needed to determine Coulter’s motivation: money.  She has become what she once claimed to hate.  She seems unperturbed by this fact. Calling her a fame=whore feels like an insult to fame-whores; most won’t destroy their entire brand for someone else’s.

Ann Coulter put out two books during this election cycle: “Adios, America” and “In Trump, We Trust”. The titles kind of give away the plot. Those projects and their ensuing revenue streams, clearly became more important to Ms Coulter than representing the values she’s espoused for years.  Coulter is just one of many formerly trusted “Conservative” voices, that no longer speak for me, if they ever did.


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