ER Doc Hailed by Biden Wishes Death on Lockdown/Mask Skeptics: "Let'em Die...Tired of These People"

On December 5, 2020, the official White House Twitter account posted a video of an Arizona ER physician named Cleavon Gilman getting a thank-you call from Joe Biden:

I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you and so many others like you are doing risking your rear-ends and going out of your way to help other people.


Dr. Gilman had been previously featured in close to a hundred fear-mongering stories on COVID-19 in which his status as a “front-line doctor” was used to give credibility to his alarmist claims about the virus.

See IN MY ORBIT: Dr. Cleavon Auditions as the New Dr. Fauci.

Strangely enough, however, neither the White House nor any of his sycophantic admirers in the press reported on something that was the main topic of an article published one week later by an outfit called Med Page Today.

According to Dr. Gilman—who was contracted out by Envision Healthcare to work at Arizona’s Yuma Regional Medical Center—he’d been informed on November 23 that his services were no longer required.

I was told by Envision that the hospital was not allowing me to return back due to a tweet.”

Med Page Today reporter Shannon Firth’s story portrays Dr. Gilman as an unjustly put-upon whistleblower, terminated for posting a “clear-cut” tweet alerting the public to the terrifying news that every single intensive care unit in Arizona was at capacity—“no more ICU beds in the state of Arizona,” she has him saying.

But Firth somehow failed to quote the entire tweet or provide a link.

What Dr. Gilman actually said in full was:

Just got to work and was notified there are no more ICU beds in the state of Arizona.

Nor did Ms. Firth mention anywhere else the very salient fact that Dr. Gilman’s tweet had cited Yuma Regional Medical Center officials as the source for his alarming claim that there wasn’t a single empty ICU bed in the entire state.

Instead, she reports Dr. Gilman as identifying a quite different basis for his frightening assertion:

[W]hen Gilman went to the E.R. he said he wasn’t able to transfer a single patient to the ICU.

There are, of course, any number of reasons Dr. Gilman’s request might have been denied apart from a lack of ICU beds.

So his evident attempt to alarm the public couldn’t have possibly been justified even had he merely stated that Yuma Regional ICU was at capacity—let alone could Dr. Gilman’s vastly stronger allegation that there wasn’t a single available ICU bed in the entire state have been warranted.

As such, If Firth is accurately reporting that Gilman was only denied a patient-transfer request, his frightening message on Twitter receiving 81,000 likes and 30,000 retweets that—upon showing up to work—he “was notified” there wasn’t a single empty ICU bed in the entire state is a flagrant, despicable, and deadly lie that could have only served to unjustly terrorize the citizens of Arizona and the nation at large.

Moreover, given that Firth does report that “Gov. Doug Ducey and the Department of Health said that same day that there were over 100 ICU beds,” Dr. Gilman’s abhorrent tweet didn’t just lack any conceivable basis. It was also explicitly contradicted by Arizona officials that very day.

So, contrary to Ms. Firth’s—alas—successful attempt to paint Dr. Gilman as a courageous whistleblower unjustly fired by venal hospital officials trying to cover up the awful toll COVID-19 was taking on Arizona, Yuma Regional Medical Center would have been very wrong, indeed, not to terminate Dr. Gilman.

It’s not at all clear, however, that Gilman isn’t lying about that as well.

For one thing, there’s no mention of Dr. Gillman ever having lost his job by Biden’s people nor—so far as I can tell—anyone else for that matter until six days after he spoke with Biden, when a December 10 story at a website called AZ Central by one Jamie Landers started pushing the courageous-whistleblower narrative on Gilman’s behalf.

More importantly, however, Firth and Landers both not only report on but actually link to a tweet in which Yuma Regional officials flatly contradicted Gilman’s story about being fired.

But it gets even worse.

Landers’ December 10 piece has Gilman claiming he wasn’t permitted to work for three days:

Gilman was scheduled the following three days but the “hospital did not permit” him to come in, he said. “All I know is this hospital is trying to crush my voice, they want to silence me and they want to financially hurt me. This is all so wrong.”

Yet just two days later in Firth’s piece, that three days somehow grew to three weeks!

The fact is I was sidelined for three weeks,” he said, and because of his large social media following, “I was able to shine a light on this egregious act.”

It’s tough to imagine a more heinous violation of duty than a physician broadcasting lies that foment more panic during a time when the entire nation has already been in a state of unrelenting terror for almost an entire year.

Yet, somehow, yesterday, Dr. Gilman managed to do just that.

Almost unbelievably, he tweeted his belief that people who don’t practice social distancing or wear masks ought to die. It’s since been deleted but, fortunately, I had the presence of mind to screenshot it.


It goes without saying that both Yuma Regional Medical Center and Envision Healthcare need to terminate Dr. Gilman immediately and any states in which he’s licensed to practice medicine have to start proceedings to pull his license. 

Apart from the revolting breach of ethics here, imagine the legal liability both would likely face should some patient of Dr. Gilman’s die from, say, injuries sustained in a car wreck while not wearing a mask.

Dr. Gilman is also so risibly ignorant about basic medicine that he wished death on people for not following rules as pointless as they are destructive.

Med Page Today should also terminate any business relations they have with Shannon Firth as well, given that the facts in her own sycophantic attempt to paint Dr. Gilman as a put-upon hero clearly imply the reverse

And, of course, Joe Biden’s handlers ought to explain why they decided it was a good idea to thank a physician who appears to have despicable lied in order to foment even more public panic during a time of national crisis.

Finally, I don’t know about you, but there’s no way in hell I’d let anyone working for either Envision Healthcare or the Yuma Regional Medical Center treat me given that, not only did they apparently fail to terminate Dr. Gilman after his despicable lie that helped create even more panic in a nation already gripped with obsessive fear, in their tweet denying they’d ever done so, the latter actually hailed him as a “good caregiver” whose services were necessary.

So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The entire year-long COVID-19 panic in a nutshell. Despicable behavior and outright lies designed to terrorize the nation from the medical bureaucracy, complicit employees, and the journalists who cover it.

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