Et Tu, Bluto

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I can’t even begin to count the amount of unpleasant discourse I’ve had with otherwise like-minded patriotic admirers of Attorney General Bill Barr these past couple years.

But what I can do is swear that vindication isn’t bringing me a whole lot of pleasure.

Tough to think of a time when I wished I’d been more wrong, to be honest.

By now you’ve probably heard about Barr’s categorical denunciation of President Trump’s request for his supporters to show up and protest the Big Steal as nothing less than the malevolent work of a vicious scoundrel and sworn enemy of all that’s noble and good.

When you consider how official Washington sat around this summer and watched as ordinary hard-working Americans all across the country did the best they could defending their lives and property from bused-into-town mobs of degenerate hooligans intent on murdering their families and burning their homes and businesses to the ground… it’s hard not to wonder if all these high-sounding denunciations of the comparatively mild inconvenience Congress suffered yesterday, as if they’d lived through the fire-bombing of Dresdenfrom our politicians and bureaucrats might have more to do with what a bunch of pathetic and contemptible cowards they are than the manifestation of any heretofore scarcely-observed principles.

I’ll tell you one thing, Barr’s principles sure as heck didn’t prevent him from engaging in the cheapest possible deception when he finally revealed his true colors by denouncing Trump.

Whatever other unsavory characteristics our rotund recently-departed Attorney General may have, the man is NOT stupid.

And, while some of the Democrats Barr so ably enabled today may be dimwitted enough to think the patriots who turned up in Washington were just mindless slaves of the Orange Man’s irresistible mesmeric power, Barr has to know full-well their passionate conviction that Biden’s supposed victory depended on systematic election fraud wouldn’t be any less strong even had Trump caved before the very first state was called.

Fact is, whatever you think of the protest yesterday or of the president, much the same crowd would have assembled regardless of any suggestions or requests from him.

And it’s contemptible rubbish to suggest that Trump “betrayed” them.

Barr’s no dummy. He knows that if Trump had so much as dared to suggest that an election with the kind of irregularities we just witnessed was fair and square, his supporters would have regretfully assumed he’d been compromised and angrily abandoned him to his fate.

The fairy tale that the tens of millions of patriotic Americans who voted for Donald Trump were Hillary-Clinton-admiring devotees of open-borders, drag queen story hours, hormone injections for 5-year olds when their parents aren’t looking, and all the other lovely items on our new globalist menu before being dazzled by the Donald’s Svengali-like powers to bend others to his nefarious will is, of course, a central tenet of our enemy’s narrative.

And, taking into account the amount of jaw-dropping stupidity in their ranks, a lot of them probably even believe it.

But for those of us not rendered brain-dead from decades of passively consuming the global media’s poisonous products, none of this is hard.

It’s indisputable that, on a disturbingly wide-ranging host of issues—copious quantities of lip-service notwithstanding—GOP politicians in Washington in no way shared their voters extreme distaste for where things were headed.

Whether it’s our porous borders, the outsourcing of American jobs, fighting endless Mideast wars, or increasing our already unsustainable debt to spend millions of dollars promoting deviant values in foreign lands, GOP politicians have made a career of saying whatever it takes to get elected and then totally ignoring the wishes of those who did the electing.

Trump saw & took advantage of the starkly different values dividing the GOP elite from its base, that’s all there is too it.

I mean no disrespect for the president here, but the fact is that—contrary to the media’s sick and obsessive relentless preoccupation with the man—Donald Trump is a whole lot closer to a follower possessing a consummate talent for articulating his voter’s concerns than he is to a leader telling them what to think.

When Barr says Trump betrayed his supporters, it’s gaslighting pure and simple. He’s trying to shift everything on to Trump to make you think the idea that the election was rigged was his, not yours.

Come, all is forgiven, just pretend you were only in DC because of Trump, Barr is saying, and we’ll all join together in rapturous hatred of the vile Orange Man.

Fatso is insulting our intelligence, when you think about it.

We don’t even need to get into all the statistically impossible irregularities so diligently catalogued by my colleague—RedState’s resident polling expert—Scott Hounsell.

For God’s sake, the Democrats didn’t exactly hide their attitude toward Trump!

He was Hitler… a racist who not only hated everyone not white and christian, but whose only joy in life was deviously conspiring to murder them.

We’re dealing with such deluded imbeciles that half of them were probably most outraged over his relentless efforts to murder Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker.

Now, of course, Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the collection of senile Batman villains comprising the Democrat Party’s senior leadership know this is all BS. They’ve met Trump’s Jewish daughter and grandchildren. They seen him hobnob with people of all races for years. They know as well as anyone that the diversity of Trump’s social circle during his almost half-century in the limelight makes the cocktail-party elite they hobnob with scarcely distinguishable from the Ku Klux Klan.

But the Democrat activists manning the polls…as stupid as it makes them.. they had no clue the media was gaslighting them about Trump’s racism. To a person, they all really believed America was facing the prospect of a second term to give the second coming of Hitler a chance to realize his dark genocidal designs.

Literally every single person in a position to cheat for Biden believed that all you have to do is stick a “Nazi” sign on some poor chump’s back to justify violently assaulting and, if you can get away with it, killing him.

These people literally wear shirts saying, “Punch a Nazi.”!

Given the stark-raving-nuts state of delusional fear and loathing the kind of devoted Democrats who wind up counting ballots were in, by their lights, it would would have been morally reprehensible for them NOT to cheat.

Heck, they’ve been so taken in by the preposterous fairy tale of the Nazi with the Jewish grand-kids who Israelis go into conniption fits over, they’d probably be unable to deny it if you straight-up asked them—just hypothetically, of course—whether cheating against a Nazi bastard like Trump would have been the right thing to do.

None of this is complicated. It’s just that we’ve been subjected to a massive gaslighting campaign designed to convince us of the almost impossibly preposterous idea that we have no factual or moral grounds for impugning the Democrat’s ethics.

Let me repeat that: they’re actually trying to convince you there are no factual or moral grounds for impugning the Democrat’s ethics.

But if you want to understand just how righteous our cause is, all you have to do is imagine what would have transpired had the feet exchanged shoes.

Imagine that—if instead of his inevitable victory over Mitt Romney’s limp and pathetic campaign— Barack Obama had somehow miraculously managed to lose by a very narrow margin and, furthermore, had asked his voters to show up in DC and let congress know that nothing on earth was going to convince them that Mittens had won the White House fair and square.

The story we’d be getting about yesterday’s events would be a whole heck-of-a-lot different, that’s for sure.

Great pains would be taken to distinguish between any perpetrators of violence and the majority of peaceful attendees.

Obama’s loyal legion of voters wouldn’t be “storming Washington,” they’d have been engaging in their constitutionally protected right to protest a grave injustice.

Any violence that occurred wouldn’t have been played up and grotesquely exaggerated. On the contrary, the media and Washington establishment would be working overtime covering it up and excusing it. Nor would cheap linguistic subterfuge be deployed to make the public falsely believe Obama was in the wrong…

…or responsible for inciting any violence.

And, of course, Ashli Babbitt would have been a saintly martyr, not despicably tarred as somehow deserving her fate because of something somebody else said online.

Flipping the participants totally flips the script. Had Obama’s voters been in our shoes, the media would be insisting that, not only do Americans have a right to March on Washington to make their voices heard, anyone suggesting otherwise would be greeted with fake outrage and shrilly castigated as Un-American swine.

And, though it pains me to say it, that’s what Bill Barr would be saying too if our enemies were the ones who’d marched on Washington yesterday.

Trusting Barr was always an exercise in futile wish-casting.

One thing that somehow never became an issue during Barr’s confirmation was that, as Attorney General to papa Bush, Barr was running the show during the government’s flagrantly criminal assault on Randy Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge.

But, not only did Barr make zero effort to see that justice was served, when local law enforcement started making noises about charging the federal sniper who shot and killed Mrs. Weaver in the face while she was holding her baby, Bill Barr worked pro bono to make sure it never happened.

But it gets worse. The man so many patriots were fooled into thinking had their back argued that the circumstances of Mrs. Weaver’s awful death mattered not a whit because federal agents are immune from prosecution when they murder U.S. citizens so long as they’re on the clock.

Barr’s loyalties were always to the DOJ and the people there with whom he’s spent years working closely and forming deep personal bonds.

He was never one of us.

And there was never a snowball’s chance in hell that he was on our side.

Et tu, Bluto


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