When Proven Liars Say Trump's Chances Are Slim, It's Time to Listen to Honest Folk Who Know the Score Instead

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If you take a look at social media, one thing becomes abundantly clear.

Democrat voters couldn’t possibly be more confident that, come inauguration day on January 20, their long unendurable nightmare will finally end when Joe Biden replaces Donald Trump as President of the United States.

That’s not too surprising, though.

CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest of the media outlets Trump has rightly dubbed the enemy of the people have been broadcasting nonstop for weeks that Biden already won the election. Notwithstanding that the outcome is decided by a vote in the electoral college that won’t occur until December 14.

As somebody once said, If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it

And that goes double for self-proclaimed liberals who despise the first president in 40 years who hasn’t gotten us into a war and enthusiastically desired Hillary Clinton’s bloodthirsty reign. 

Their hatred of Trump isn’t driven by any kind of coherent political ideology or world view but, instead, by a penchant to mindlessly accept whatever poisonous narrative the drive-by media happens to be peddling at the moment.

Nor do their views have any relation to reality.

Those very same people, after all, had complete confidence that the Democrats would solidify control of the House when dozens of Republican congressman were swept away by a “big blue wave” this election year.

Well, they sure got the wave part right, just not its color.

In the real world, the Democrats nearly lost the House and may wind up down as many as 13 seats once the smoke clears.

Going back to 2015, the same crowd evinced absolute certitude that Trump was a joke candidate with zero chance of getting the GOP nomination against the consummate political skills of someone like Jeb Bush.

After Trump proved that neither they nor Bush had a clue, they were positive he’d have to resign the nomination when the Washington Post released the Access Hollywood Tape.

And, when that somehow failed to pan out as well, it didn’t really matter since Trump had “no electoral path to victory” against Hillary Clinton anyway.

When that hope, too, proved to be forlorn, it became totally obvious that Trump would be removed from office via the 25th Amendment for mental incompetence.

Of course, that didn’t pan out either. But, no matter. They had perfect faith that, any day now, Robert Mueller’s unbreakable walls would finally finish the slow but steady process of closing in on Trump’s presidency.

And there wasn’t a shadow of doubt in their minds that pudgy little Alexander Vindman’s unctuous testimony had the power to vanquish Trump once Mueller drew a blank.

So there’s nothing particularly shocking about seeing a group of people who’ve enthusiastically embraced a long series of patent nonsense about President Trump’s fate wholeheartedly swallow another lie.

What’s a little tougher to explain, however, is some of the president’s supporters who didn’t fall for any of that BS, nonetheless, suddenly agreeing that this time Trump’s chances are slim.

There’s already an extraordinary amount of evidence that we know of making it impossible the Democrats didn’t engage in a massive coordinated effort to steal the election.

Twitter user Maria Romanetti is helpfully compiling a list.

Sidney Powell—who spent a decade as a federal prosecutor and afterward single-handedly stopped the very same forces trying to steal this election from unjustly persecuting General Flynn—is on Trump’s legal team. She’s repeatedly assured us that, not only has she got the goods…

…but that she can also prove Trump won the election by a landslide.

Lin Wood—the attorney who made our enemies in the media live to regret the day they libeled Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann—has also assured us there’s enough evidence to stop a bought and paid for flunky of the Chinese Communist Party from becoming president of the United States thru election fraud.

So, if you’re one of President Trump’s supporters who’s bought into the narrative that his chances of prevailing are slim, your next step is crystal clear.

It’s time to start paying more attention to folks with a proven record of both honesty and proficiency who know the score and less to attempts by known enemies who’ve been trying to sell you the same bogus demoralizing story of gloom and doom since Trump took that escalator ride way back in 2015.

They can’t beat us unless we let them.

That’s the whole point of their relentless campaign of lies.



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