RNC Roasts Dems With 2016 Video Montage of Biden & Co. Insisting SCOTUS Vacancies Be Filled (Biden's Decline Since Also Glaring)

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While poor befuddled Joe Biden and his inept staff of 20-year-old social justice warriors can’t even put together a live stream that doesn’t have garbled audio, dead video, or gigantic bugs trying to burrow into Joe’s now nearly empty skull to lay their eggs, Trump’s team once again proves they’re on the ball.


Whoever put together this video montage of Biden, Crooked Hillary, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the Democrat party’s current crop of lead liars pompously intoning in 2016 about how criminal it would be to tolerate any delay filling an empty Supreme Court seat ought to be commended.

To the tune of some awesome-sounding violin music, we get to watch Joe Biden himself aggressively jabbing his finger at the camera as he insists:

The American people deserve a fully staffed court of nine.

Of course, that totally contradicts Biden’s recent remarks about filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s now-vacant seat,

We can’t …do the thing. C’mon man. He’s got to know that our spirit of purposelesness rolling tundra…it’s not going to cut it …not with 100 million Americans living in their own sleepy shoes without a shingle …single … in the snow … every single second this century … every single second this century more than any other this past year in all of history. That’s what this president has done. Is that who we wanna be? The Obama-Biden administration created one hundred, fifty, hundred, thousand …fifty, hundred …thousand, fifty …hundred, thousand …trees, lovely wholesome full-blooded trees …Barack and I did that with our own two bare hands. Not like this president and his …tin-pan alley gumball machines. That’s just not who we are.


I’m kidding, of course. Biden could never stay awake that long.

In all seriousness, though, the difference between Biden today and Biden four years ago is shocking even though he only says 10 words. He comes off as a completely insincere guy doing a decent job reading from a script and trying to sound tough as opposed to someone whose mind is barely functioning struggling to read a script without any idea of what the words even mean all the while wondering if the mean lady doctor with his last name wants to be president so badly why she doesn’t do this herself and let him nap.

And Biden’s not the only one who’s appearance is shocking. Bernie Sanders almost looks like he bathed.

And remember Tim Kaine?

Yeah, neither do I. Apparently he was part of Hillary’s campaign or something. Whoever he is, he’s in there too.


The clips are, of course, from 2016 when Mitch McConnell stood firm and refused to let Obama’s pick for the recently departed Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court get a hearing in the Senate.

Naturally, the Democrats are now saying that McConnell’s willingness to let Trump fill Ginsberg’s old seat is despicably dishonest given that he refused to give Obama the same chance.


Since I didn’t fully remember what McConnell had exactly said four years ago, before looking into it I was thinking the Democrats were probably right.

But, of course, I’d neglected to think it through.

That would mean Pelosi and her cohorts would be telling the truth, which was ruled out by their tongues not bursting into flames while Satan immediately appeared to take their souls back to hell for breaking the unholy bargain they’d made.

As my colleague Bonchie pointed out yesterday, The Democrats were lying as usual. McConnell had explicitly said that his reasons for blocking Obama’s nominee hinged on the White House and Senate being controlled by different political parties. He even cited historical precedent proving that the Democrats were hyperventilating about something that has always been standard operating procedure when but only when, unlike today, the Senate and White House are in different hands.

But I have to admit, as weird as it sounds, I was a little disappointed that McConnell wasn’t going back on his word.

As my colleague, Streiff noted in a column from 2012 that’s become exponentially more apt with each passing year, “fairness is for suckers.”

The last time Trump nominated someone for the Supreme Court, the Democrats inflicted pestiferous psychopath Christine Blasey Ford on Judge Kavanaugh, his family, and the nation.

Not one of Ford’s own witnesses had any memory whatsoever of a single thing she described. Her ex-boyfriend submitted a letter to the Senate swearing she was a petty thief and indicating her stories about being afraid of enclosed spaces and flying were total BS. As was her much-ballyhooed polygraph exam, which was rigged in a way that removed any danger it would expose Ford’s wretched lies.


Ford’s lifelong best friend had quit the FBI when Trump took office. She’d worked with Chuck Schumer’s onetime chief of staff and leading member of Hillary Clinton’s resistance, Preet Bharara. Moreover, ex-Special Agent Monica McLean can be seen skulking around in the background while Blasey Ford testified, keeping away from her during breaks, not making eye contact, and generally acting like the two of them had never met.

McLean had tried to pressure one of Ford’s witnesses to change her story and say she actually witnessed something. She wound up needing a lawyer herself. And, wouldn’t you know it, the one she got, ex-DOJ official David Laufman, happened to be involved in getting those FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page and anyone in the Trump campaign he happened to contact.

Laufman’s decision to suddenly start enforcing the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), a 1938 law enacted to combat Nazi propaganda, also played an important role in the eventual prosecution of both Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn.

But it gets better. Monica McLean’s future lawyer interviewed Hillary Clinton together with… wait for it… none other than Peter Strzok, during the investigation into Clinton’s private email server. The two also teamed up to interview Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and even two other lesser-known Clinton aides.

Laufman didn’t represent Christine Blasey Ford, though. Michael Bromwich, however, who sat by Ford’s side when she testified to the Senate, did have another client at the time whose name you might recognize: disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.


You’d have to be an imbecile not to realize that Ford was recruited by the president’s enemies and that every word coming out of her mouth was a lie. And a lot of imbeciles probably even figured out that the Democrat Senators on the Judiciary Committee were in on her sordid charade along with her three loyal Democrat operative lawyers.

They concocted a story accusing an innocent man of attempted rape and were shameless enough not to even care that anyone with half a brain could see it was all a despicable lie.

Here we are two years later, and it’s patently obvious that if their cheating doesn’t put Joe Biden over the top, whoever’s pulling his strings won’t let Biden concede unless Trump crushes him in a landslide.

Trump’s former speechwriter Michael Anton has painstakingly laid out how the Democrats have made it crystal clear that they’re planning to try to remove Trump by force if cheating doesn’t do the job. They’ve spent the past months trying to get people used to the idea so it will seem normal and hammering the idea that Trump won’t leave office into their brain-dead followers’ heads so it will seem justified.

Honestly, I just don’t see how we can treat the Democrats like political opponents much longer given their willingness to lie, cheat, and even foment riots and murder to achieve their goals. At some point, we’re going to have to face the very unpleasant truth that we’re dealing with a hostile power that’s declared war on us and our nation’s institutions, not a rival political party with different ideas about what’s in all of our best interests.


I don’t know what that exactly means in terms of how we deal with them except that it’s not going to be by campaigning and trying to win elections or passing laws. But, if they finally cross the line between an opposing political party and a hostile power – assuming it hasn’t already happened – before figuring out the next concrete steps we need to fully recognize and accept the very ugly situation for what it is.

So part of me was happy to think that McConnel had stopped trying to live by a rule book the Democrats ripped to shreds and tossed in a bonfire years ago. Behaving in a principled manner to people who don’t have any principles is a betrayal of anyone they’re preying on whose interests you’re supposed to be representing and, hence, not really principled at all.

I was looking forward to responding to Democrats accusing McConnell of violating the very principles he’s espoused in 2016 by laughing in their faces and asking whether, given that they’ve made it clear that they hate us and want us dead, they think any of us gives a damn.

But it turns out that McConnell’s not contradicting what he did in 2016 one bit. So, I’ll be pointing out to Democrats that they’re either lying or don’t have the faintest clue what they’re speaking of.

For the time being, it’s deja vu all over again.

Or as Joe Biden once trenchantly observed:


You know. The thing.


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