Opinion: We're at War. Attacking Trump's Tweet in the NYT While the Democrats Foment Riots & Ruin to Defeat Him is Treason

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By now you’ve surely heard that President Trump posted a tweet remarking on some of the Democrats’ obvious efforts to rig the November elections and suggesting that they might have to be postponed until a proper vote can be secured.


It didn’t even take 24 hours for a member of the “principled conservative” crowd to run to the New York Times and publish an op-ed suggesting that Trump might have to be impeached. The high and mighty moral paragon is named “

co-founder of the Federalist Society and a professor at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law.”

Most ordinary Republican voters suffering under the weight of the economic carnage and social mayhem the Democrats and their media allies have inflicted on the nation in the runup to the 2020 election probably know little or nothing about the Federalist Society either. They’re a group of self-described “conservative and libertarian” law school professors who get paid mid-range 6-figure salaries to teach a few classes every year and have gotten together to give back to the community.


But don’t confuse them with outfits like Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch who are in the trenches every day using every legal means available to stop the Democrats from tearing this country down. The Federalist Society’s idea of fighting back is to hold conferences where they give speeches to one another while the left tramples on the rule of law in order to obliterate everything that once made America great and mercilessly crush the people who believed in it.

But ‘s credentials are a boon to Jake Tapper and his colleagues in the establishment press who’ve spent four years promoting a constant stream of large scale hoaxes and smaller defamatory lies against the president. They, of course, immediately starting making sure that ‘s op-ed went viral. One can only imagine their delirious glee when they saw it on the Times web page. But, given the coordinated effort to take down Trump we’ve witnessed these past few years, it’s dollars to donuts that Tapper and the “Hate America First” crowd got advance warning so they’d be ready to go as soon as ‘s infamous betrayal of the American people dropped.

That’s right. I said “infamous betrayal of the American people.”

Because that’s exactly what it is.

Many conservatives who are rightfully unhappy that gave ammo to the New York Times are still going to engage in a lot of complaining about Trump’s “unfortunate habit of causing self-inflicted wounds on Twitter.” If you’re one of them, I’m here to wake you up to what’s been going on before your eyes for four years. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a cold hard slap in the face.


All those pieces of paper and the other “principled conservatives” worship were shredded and tossed on a bonfire by the left ages ago. The people trying to destroy us stopped caring about the rules ages ago.

They faked Russian cyber-espionage against the Clinton Campaign to discredit WikiLeaks revelations about her corruption and incompetence.

They tried to frame Trump as part of their phony Russian plot.

They used the FBI to illegally spy on Trump’s campaign.

They gave Robert Mueller power and an unlimited budget to destroy Trump and as many of his allies as possible.

They organized and promoted Christine Blasey Ford’s perjurous hoax.

They tried to remove Trump from office for his patently reasonable attempt to get Ukrainian authorities to investigate Joe Biden‘s obvious corruption.

They’ve caused an economic catastrophe that could very well wind up being worse than the Great Depression, gaslit the entire nation into months of debilitating fear and panic, and caused the deaths of countless Americans by lying and withholding information about a virus that all the data literally says is less harmful than the flu.

They’ve fomented riots across the nation and caused the murder of American police officers and ordinary citizens alike by promoting the poisonous false narrative that American cops start their day fervently hoping they’ll get a chance to kill someone who isn’t white.

And that’s just the egregious, defamatory and destructive mass deceptions the Democrats and their allies in the corporate press have perpetrated. They’ve also committed a for all intents and purposes infinite series of smaller sickening offenses as well. To name just one, a couple of weeks ago, Joe Biden told voters that the Russians put a bounty on American soldiers and Trump is so beholden to Putin that he refuses to even criticize him.


A series of massively destructive hoaxes and a volume of smaller one-off lies have been pushed on the American people involving perjury, systematic illegal leaking, and/or blatant falsification of crucial data. Those responsible have brought down a mountain of untold hardship, misery, and death on the heads of the American people with the sole aim of ending Trump’s tenure as president.

Despite all those conferences the Federalist Society has put together, the Supreme Court just effectively canceled the First Amendment’s guarantee of our right to worship God as we see fit.

District Attorneys on the side of the criminals they’re supposed to be prosecuting have been installed in at least a half dozen major American cities with millions of dollars provided by George Soros. Criminals are being released on the streets while the law is used to crush ordinary law-abiding citizens who dare defend themselves.

Example like this abound — they’re the norm now.

Everyone with eyes to see knows that the Democrats are going to rig the vote totals any way they can in November. For God’s sake, in 2016 Obama is on video literally encouraging illegal aliens to vote!

This is a boxing match where his opponent started hitting our guy with a baseball bat two rounds ago and just pulled out a knife while the ref looks the other way. His entourage has entered the ring to help him murder our fighter. And “principled conservative” Calebrisi responds by hysterically complaining to the ref that our fighter is guilty of conduct unbecoming a sportsman for merely suggesting he might have to pick up a chair to defend himself.


Politics died a long time ago. This is war. And ‘s op-ed is nothing short of aid and comfort to the enemy.

Anyone who complains about Trump’s tweet and isn’t willfully doing the same needs to wake up to what’s happening now.

Trump is 100% right. The election may very well have to be canceled. Even more extreme measures may be required given the rioting and mayhem and economic and social carnage the Democrats and their allies in the media have inflicted on the nation in order to make sure Trump loses in November and their proven willingness to engage in any kind of election fraud they can in November.

But, even if you insist on burying your head in the sand and not seeing that our political opponents gave up on politics ages ago and are waging open war, there’s no excuse for running to the New York Times with an op-ed saying that Trump needs to be impeached.

Despite all their useless gaseous self-congratulatory bloviating about “conservative principles,” people like are much more comfortable with Elizabeth Warren and her ilk than they would be sitting down to dinner with ordinary Americans. The latter will be the ones to pay the heaviest of prices if Trump loses in November. They’re the ones already paying the price of having their businesses needlessly shut down, they’re jobs destroyed, being locked down in their homes, and the rioting and mayhem that’s broken out all across the nation, all as part of a coordinated effort to make Trump lose in November.


But Calabresi knows he’ll be fine. Even if the left no longer needs him to play the role of controlled opposition, the elite takes care of its own so long as they do their job to help crush the rest of us.

Trump did nothing wrong by pointing out that the Democrats will lie, cheat, steal, and worse to unseat him in November. They’ve proven it over and over again every single day for the last four years. Nor is he wrong to suggest that the elections might have be canceled or to take any measures off the table.

Any self-described “conservative” who gives the left more ammunition to destroy him is committing treason against the American people, at best because they’re the useful idiots that Lenin so helpfully described or at worst intentionally.

We’re at war. We have been for a while now. And wealthy intellectuals paid enormous salaries for working a few hours a week obsessed with a bunch of rules written down on paper that the enemy hasn’t been paying any attention to in ages except to use them against us are a relic of a bygone era and need to be kicked to the curb.

tries to establish his conservative bona fides by mentioning that he wrote op-eds and a law review article criticizing Mueller. The only thing he’s done is reveal that all the talk which has done nothing to stop the left’s relentless campaign to destroy America or this president was worse than useless.

When push comes to shove, it’s just a tool our enemies use to give legitimacy to those who engaged in it when they finally decide to betray us.



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