Fauci Yet Again Proves He Doesn't Believe a Word of the Deadly BS He's Inflicting on Us

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The head of the CDC reports that lockdown suicides and drug overdoses are killing way more people than COVID-19. The press ignores it in favor of gaslighting us into pointlessly wearing masks. While the man responsible luxuriates in the spotlight, breaking the rules he insists are the only thing keeping us alive. Just an average couple of weeks in the increasingly unrecognizable
 U. S. of A.



Well, it wouldn’t be another day in 2020 America if some high priest of the Covidian Cult didn’t blatantly show he either doesn’t believe his own BS or is too sickeningly selfish to take the precautions he thinks are necessary to stop the rest of us paeons from dying.

On Wednesday, RedState’s very own always-on-the-ball Sister Toldjah noticed she wasn’t seeing any pictures of the victory tour Andrew Cuomo took to celebrate needlessly killing thousands of elderly New Yorkers as well as being almost entirely responsible for the U.S death count not being one of the lowest in the world by forcing infected patients into nursing homes.

If only there’d been some way of knowing that nursing homes shouldn’t be forced to take in people infected with a virus whose median fatality is 80 years old.

Sister Toldjah smelled a story here, and boy were her instincts right. After a bit of digging, she found footage of a roundtable discussion at which almost all participants were keeping six feet apart and wearing a mask — except, that is, for Cuomo and Savannah’s Democrat Mayor Van Johnson.



She also dug up video of maskless Cuomo and Johnson exchanging gifts and, after Johnson but not Cuomo finally donned one, hugging and patting each other on the back.



It almost seems like the high priests of the Covidian Cult are in a competition to see who can show the most blatant disregard for the rituals they’re demanding the rest of us mere mortals follow. If they are, Cuomo definitely scored a victory over Johnson in that last video when the latter foolishly donned a mask as if the rules applied to him.

But, last night His Most High Holiness of the Covidian Cult himself, Dr. Anthony “Hasn’t Seen a Patient in 30 Years” Fauci got up from his booster seat at the bar and said, “Hold my beer.”

As Sister Toldjah also reported today (does that gal ever rest?), His High Holiness threw the first pitch at last night’s Yankee’s-National’s game and it didn’t go so well. As one Twitter user observed:


What’s scary is that his accuracy on that pitch was greater than the accuracy of his COVID-19 response.”



And what’s sad is that it’s funny because it’s true.

Another sharp-eyed Twitter-sleuth noticed that, almost unbelievably, His High Holiness wore the number 19 on his jersey. That’s 19 as in COVID-19.



It’s been clear for a while now that this sick little man is in love with the fame and adoration he’s getting and that, indeed, some kind of pathological need to be universally adored and a burning desire to never leave the spotlight’s warm glow might be the prime motivation for the needless panic he’s doing everything possible to keep us in.

And, if you don’t think these lockdowns were needless, you haven’t been paying attention. Let me repeat it once more.


The median age of COVID-19 fatalities is 80.


Forget all the lies the Covidian Cult leader’s disciples in the press have told and the volume of information they’ve withheld. There’s simply no way there could have been any reason to not just isolate the elderly and sick for a virus whose median fatality is 80.

Fauci’s Covidian Cult makes Jim Jones look like a piker.  Jones only managed to murder 900 people with his cyanide-laced Cool Aid. Whereas Fauci’s driven thousands of adult Americans to commit suicide out of loneliness and despair, caused thousands more to OD on drugs, and subjected thousands more children to unspeakable sexual abuse by convincing us to shut down schools, the only refuge many unfortunate kids have from the depraved relatives with whom they’re tragically stuck living .

We’ve no clue how many thousands since hardly anybody cares enough about these poor souls to even notice their awful suffering, let alone to count the number of people Fauci’s responsible for killing and the number of survivors whose life he’s rendered a living hell. They live and die in misery feeling alone, abandoned, and unloved. And, to our momentous shame, it’s impossible to argue they’re wrong.

All for a virus whose median fatality is 80 years old.

A few weeks ago, some remarks the head of the CDC made spawned a torrent of headlines informing us that “CDC director says masks are key for reopening of schools.” But to give you an idea of how despicable and depraved Fauci’s disciples in the press are, you had to read well in to discover that Redfield also said:


“We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from Covid. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose, that are above excess, than we had as background, than we are seeing deaths from Covid.”


Let that sink in. The CDC director says vastly more people are now killing themselves and ODing on drugs out of despair from the loneliness and isolation these lockdowns are causing and Fauci’s disciples in the press run stories with headlines about how we all need to be wearing masks.

But, hey, as long as His High Holiness gets to brag about cooking pasta for Bono and having Brad Pitt play him on TV, all of that soul-crushing despair and misery the rest of us are experiencing is worth it.



And last night we learned that Fauci so identifies with the virus that finally gave him the fame and adoration he’s always craved that he wore its number on his jersey. The man is sick and needs to be tried and arrested for his atrocities.

But His High Holiness wasn’t finished and scored a third homerun last night when he was caught on camera, snug as a bug in a rug, sandwiched between two other high-ranking cult members, both dutifully wearing their cult-mandated face-diapers, while his was draped around his neck.



Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson has worked tirelessly to expose how unnecessary all the pain and misery Fauci has inflicted on the American people has been. And as you can see from the above tweet, he’s changed his Twitter profile pic to commemorate Fauci’s willful disregard for the rules he claims are the only thing keeping us alive.

I’m urging everyone to do the same on their social media accounts. There’s no better way to start deprogramming all those poor deluded Americans sucked into Fauci’s cult than to make them constantly see His High Holiness yucking it up shoulder-to-shoulder with two high-level Covidians both wearing their cult-mandated face-diapers, with his draped around his neck.

As with Cuomo and Savanah Mayor Johnson, there are only two possible conclusions here.

Either none of these despicable cretins believe a word they’ve said to justify these heartless and murderous rules they’ve forced on the rest of us.

Or they think they’re so much better and more important than the rest of us that it’s okay to engage in behavior they firmly believe puts our lives at risk to avoid a little discomfort.

In Fauci’s case, we’ve known for a while now that he never believed a word of that BS he’s peddled that COVID-19 is “ten times more lethal than the flu.” He didn’t dare try to pass it off on other experts too knowledgable to fall for bogus stats and said it was likely “akin to a severe seasonal flu” in the pages of the New England Journal of Medicine in March.


Though, of course, his disciples in the press have kept those remarks from us, as well as the fact that the CDC agrees.

Who knows what’s going on with Cuomo though. Given how dumb and entitled his younger brother Chris is, it’s entirely possible he really believes all the garbage His High Holiness Fauci has been spewing and just thinks he’s so much better than the rest of us that our lives don’t matter

But, either way, Fauci and Cuomo’s willful disregard for their own harsh, pointless, and heart-breakingly destructive rules shouldn’t be at all surprising.

That’s how cult leaders roll.


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