It's Official: President Obama Is Jimmy Carter II

Charges that President Obama was the taller, suaver, better-looking version of the bitter, shrunken commie-sympathizing Jimmy Carter seemed a bit of a stretch. President Obama’s Middle East speech changed all that.


It’s official: President Obama is Jimmy Carter II.

I live-tweeted the President’s speech and found myself irritated with the easy-to-misinterpret double speak. He’s like a guy who just doesn’t want to go home so drives slow, rambles out of the lines and goes down dead ends only to turn around. He eventually gets home, but he’s taken twice as long. And then he’s surly when he gets there.

Where’s home? Home is Israel. President Obama doesn’t want to go there.

And yet, after all the confusing blabbing about the Arab awakening, Iran doing better, Syria stop killing their own people, and vague “universal rights”, whatever he means those are, President got to the crux of his speech: Israel.

The speech wasn’t about peace, so much as it was about President Obama being sick of Israel not waving a magic wand to make the Arab Muslims stop killing Israelis, and poof! creating peace by fiat. President Obama is bored of it!

So when he got home, he told Israel, you know what honey? You’re going to do what I tell you to do. I don’t care if it’s not good for you. I’m sick of you and your drama. You’re doing it my way. I’ve decided your enemy is right: You’re the bad guy and you have to bend and give.


Imagine. Israel feels betrayed.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately responded. He was not happy.

Now, people are trying to make sense of the twists and turns:

Most agree that President Obama’s speech will undo promises President Bush made to Israel.

Mark Steyn said that Obama made the speech about him, when America has essentially been irrelevant to the Middle East.

Jewish donors aren’t happy.

Benjamin Netanyahu, being a rather seasoned statesman, responded, in the Oval office with a very diplomatic, “no.” You can read the whole transcript here.

My point here, though, is to note that for all the looks of cool and calm, President Obama and his team are just a floundering mess driven by a hostility for America’s allies–especially Israel.

Who are they going to be friends with? They want to be buddies with the world’s tyrants but, they’re so dang tyrannical.

Reality continues to be relentlessly inconvenient for liberals.

Which brings us back to President Obama being like Jimmy Carter. The economy stagnating, high gas prices, and a world in turmoil. The Muslim world shifts and President Obama wants to make something good of it. The reality is that the one thing these regimes can agree upon is that Israel is evil.


With President Obama not wanting to come home to Israel, he creates more instability than ever. A better looking President doesn’t dress up his moral equivalence, weakness, and tyranny-apologist Carteresque words and actions.

Gene Simmons said it best,”He doesn’t have a _____ clue.”


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