Climate Of Hate™: Lawyer For Ohio Police Union Threatens Republican Senator

Since the Left seized on civility as the solution to all problems political, it’s been fascinating to see them in action. The public union uprising, especially, has produced some revealing moments (everything from punching, swearing, pushing, yelling, denial of service attacks). And now, the incivility has extended to threatening Republicans on Facebook.


In this most recent case, Michael Sarge Piotrowski who self-identifies on his LinkedIn page as being the General Counsel to the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, threatened sitting Ohio Republican Senator Frank LaRose [click to enlarge on new page]:

Here’s what he says:

“Funny thing about cops, they hold a grudge,” says Piotrowski on a Senator’s Facebook page. That seems to be awfully threatening rhetoric directed at a public official and just more evidence of creating the climate of hate. And, according to this lawyer, the words “union thug” is equivalent to the “n-word”. Only in the lefty universe where there’s a racist around every conservative corner would “union thug” be considered racist. (For information about what has Piotrowski so upset, please read Moe Lane’s post about Ohio SB5.)

After Piotrowski was challenged by other commenters about his threatening statement, he seemed to realize how it sounded and walked back by saying this:

“I am not a cop. But I also hold a grudge. There will be a multitude of opportunities for public sector employees to pay back the Republican Party for their scapegoating and general lying on this issue. None of them will involve violence.”

Still not a friendly statement, but clarifying that no violence will occur. Well, that’s a relief. What will happen, then? He doesn’t say.

Piotrowski’s statement continues like an Obama stump speech–all class warfare and division.


If it seems petty to bring up the tirade of some lawyer representing the Ohio police union, please realize that had Senator La Rose made a comment on this lawyer’s page, the press would be all over him for contributing to the “climate of hate” and decry the incivility of it all.

The civility street goes both ways, but not for leftists and the press. Only Republicans are held to the civility standard. In the absence of evidence, we’ve seen the press and leftist politicians make up stories to support the narrative that the Tea Party is a racist, bigoted group. Any person who disagrees with President Obama must be racist, they say, with straight faces. They blame Sarah Palin for creating a climate that would produce a sociopathic killer. They do all this with no evidence whatsoever.

In the last few weeks, example after example of incivility and even outright violence have been ignored, minimized, and diminished by the press. So, here’s another example, recorded as evidence that demonstrates that the true violent rhetoric and climate of hate is being fostered and encouraged by the left.


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