President Obama's Biggest Mistake

The Silvered, Fork-tongued One skates through electoral mayhem with the grace of Johnny Weir, but this time, he falls and fails badly. It will come back to haunt him.


I refer to President Obama siding with the public sector unions across the country while the Governors, both Republican and Democrat, try to balance state budgets and ask the unions to make less-aggressive concessions than private sector employees have been making for years.

All the talk of “tough choices” and shared sacrifice sounds incredibly empty and hollow.

And then there’s the embracing of the “new tone” and “civility.”

Oh, and aren’t we hearing how shutting down the government is a bad thing–as long as you’re Democrat Senators from Wisconsin and not Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The left, and the President, their community-organizer-in-chief, are revealed to be utter hypocrites.

And the American people, a majority of voters side with Governor Walker, most importantly, those rascally independents who so loved President Obama in 2008. From Rasmussen:

In an effort to close the state’s sizable budget deficit, Walker is proposing to eliminate collective bargaining for public employees including teachers on everything but wage issues. He is excluding public safety workers such as policemen and firemen from his plan.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of voters think teachers, firemen and policemen should be allowed to go on strike, but 49% disagree and believe they should not have that right. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure.

There’s strong partisan disagreement on both questions and a wide gap between the Political Class and Mainstream voters.


The longer the unions foment discontent across the country, the more angry out-of-work, underemployed, and sacrificing private sector workers will resent the entitlement of the public workers their tax dollars go to pay.

This is not class warfare–the Democrats specialty. This is a fight between those who are wage slaves to the government and those who live off the tax dollars.

Unsurprisingly, many Republicans are breaking in favor of the government. Representative Paul Ryan, the Budget Chairman, “voted to mandate that only union companies can be awarded government contracts” notes Matt Lewis on Twitter.

As Dan Riehl notes, the war now is against a government class insistent on keeping the powers and trappings of government. If that means aligning with the extortionists in the public sector unions–so be it.

And so, while in the midst of his biggest mistake, President Obama’s only hope will be to be saved by the spineless Republicans.

The Republicans, like the President, seem willing to go against the American peoples’ interests because their interests conflict with Big Government interests.

Still, there’s hope that the Republicans will wake up. For President Obama, there’s no such hope. Democrats and the Public Sector Unions are inextricably linked. This symbiotic relationship keeps the left going.


President Obama supports the unions over rational fiscal policy because he’s bought and paid for by them and his success rises and falls on their support. But the unions don’t represent the best interests of average voters and they know it.

In addition, it’s difficult to discern the difference between the unions and the socialists as they all gather at these events. This further cements the perception that President Obama hates the private sector, and is, at heart, a socialist.

President Obama has put himself at odds with the American people. It’s not the first time he’s done so, but it’s the most obvious and worst example.

President Obama’s greatest mistake may well be his electoral undoing. We can hope.

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