So President Obama believes the U.S. economy is still in the game-playing stage does he? It’s certainly the way the Democrats act right now–that the economy is fine enough that they’re willing to play a game of political chicken.


These are the same folks who brought a comedian to testify to Congress. These are also the same people who lost in November. No one believed the Democrats took the problems that face our nation seriously–including jobs and the economy–so they lost.

Republicans seem hesitant to take the President on–he’s still popular enough and he has the bully pulpit and he’s already shown a willingness to cynically invoke the trauma to women, children and the elderly.

Republicans should feel confident and go boldly.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave an excellent speech to the American Enterprise Institute today. He spoke of leadership and being courageous. He also discussed touching the third rail. (More at the Washington Post).

I look at what’s happening in Washington right now and I am worried. What game is being played down here is irresponsible and it’s dangerous.

Michael Barone asked the Governor if Social Security was still a third rail that couldn’t be touched by a politician without being vaporized. [Video here.] Governor Christie noted that he was still here, and had a better approval rating because he’s having the tough discussions with the people of New Jersey.

National Republicans have a notable disadvantage. The President and the defensive press who love him, will demagogue spending cuts as he goes into the presidential election (he’s campaigning right now, in fact). The Republicans don’t have the same platform to speak as an executive like Christie or Obama, and when they do speak, they’re brutalized by the press.


Still, the American people elected the Republicans, decisively, to address just such problems. It’s time to be brave.

Bravery will expose two things: One, President Obama’s craven irresponsibility and two, the true will of the American people.

We have to know.

Quite simply, average Americans need to know which way America is going to go. Are we going to be a debtor, soft-socialist nation or are we going to claw our way back to fighting shape as a capitalistic, creative force for innovation and industry?

As Ace says, the House must lead and lead boldly. No, it’s not a role it’s suited to, but necessity makes leaders and lead, the Republican Representatives must.

Since President Obama has decided to play games instead of lead and make difficult choices, it’s time for the Republicans to lay on the accelerator. Hitting the brakes means certain destruction.



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