Meet the 8 Republicans Who Support Late-Term Abortions

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Last night, the House voted on the DC Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which seeks to protect unborn babies who by 20 weeks after fertilization, if not earlier, can feel the excruciating pain, according to medical experts.


Currently, in the District of Columbia, abortion is legal, for any reason, up until the moment of birth.

And just 0.7 miles from the White House, the Washington Surgi Clinic advertises that they perform abortions up to 26 weeks, well past the 20 week point at which an unborn child can feel excruciating pain. The clinic also advertises that they perform D&E abortions – see the illustration at the bottom of this post.

The unborn baby is ripped apart, limb by limb, before the baby’s tiny head is crushed. Imagine the pain the defenseless child feels.

These eight Republicans – office phone numbers included – joined 148 Democrats in effectively endorsing this procedure, and a policy of abortion on-demand, for any reason, up to the moment of birth in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol (see full roll call here):

*Nan Hayworth (NY-19): 202-225-5441
Robert Dold, (IL-10): 202-225-4835
Mary Bono Mack (CA-45): 202-225-5330
Charlie Bass (NH-02): 202-225-5206
Judy Biggert (IL-13): 202-225-9420
Charlie Dent (PA-15): 202-225-6411
David Dreier (CA-26): 202-225-2305
*Steve LaTorette (OH-14): 202-225-5731


*Voted “Present”

Since unborn babies cannot speak for themselves, I hope that you will pick up the phone and ask each one of these offices to explain their vote.

It should also be noted that Roll Call is reporting that Reps. Robert Dold and Mary Bono Mack angrily confronted Majority Leader Eric Cantor on the floor last night for allowing a vote on the bill.

Leader Cantor is taking heat from pro-abortion Republicans, and deserves our support — call and thank him for allowing a vote on this important bill at 202-225-4000.

D&E abortion

Image above Copyright (c) 2003 Nucleus Medical Art, all rights reserved. Accessed from NRLC.

Marjorie Dannenfelser is president of the Susan B. Anthony List.


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