Will the GOP Stand for Life?

Many RedState readers probably remember 1994.

The GOP launched its “Contract with America” six weeks before the mid-term elections and took back Congress with a 54-seat swing on Election Day.


While the Contract had many good ideas, a family values agenda was left in the dust, and was ignored once Congress convened. Protecting women and unborn babies from the violence of 4,000 abortions per day was put on the back-burner.

Fast forward to today. The GOP is busy crafting a legislative blueprint much like that of the Contract and are expected to release the document to the American people shortly after Labor Day.

Jobs. National Security. Spending Restraint. Government Reform. Health Care. According to media reports, those are the planks.

But that doesn’t complete Ronald Reagan’s three-legged stool. Where is the Family Values plank?

Real leaders multi-task. The strongly pro-life GOP leadership should be able to respond to the economic crisis andenact pro-life legislation.

That’s why the Susan B. Anthony List launched http://www.LifeSpeakingOut.com, a grassroots campaign to encourage the Republican Party leaders to make defending the unborn and protecting women a real priority in its upcoming legislative blueprint.

I’ve interviewed nearly 100 candidates this Election Cycle. Judging from my interviews and a detailed analysis of what looks to be the incoming Congress, I am confident it will be one of the most pro-life in history. The votes are there.

And the mandate from the American people is there too.

Poll after poll shows that a majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life. And when polled on specific pieces of legislation, the broad support for common-sense laws becomes even more evident.


Consider these pro-life legislative initiatives that should be passed and would save lives:

  • Legislation such as the “Protect Life Act” which would ensure that no federal funds authorized under the health care reform law are used to pay for abortions. 67% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion in health care.
  • Legislation such as the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” which would establish a permanent government-wide prohibition on the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion. 61% of Americans support a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion.
  • Legislation establishing parental consent for minors seeking abortion. 69% Americans support parental consent for minors under 18 seeking an abortion.
  • Legislation such as the “Child Pain Awareness Act” which would require abortion providers to notify women who want to have an abortion 20 weeks after fertilization that the evidence suggests their unborn child feels pain. 77% of Americans favor such legislation.

This shouldn’t be a heavy lift. All we need is a little leadership.

Join the cause today at http://www.LifeSpeakingOut.com to finish building Reagan’s three-legged stool of conservatism and to ensure the Republican Party speaks for all Americans — born and unborn.


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