Hunter Biden Laptop Sleuth Says Elon Musk Ended His Social Media Banishment

The former “War Room” co-host, who left the Stephen K. Bannon-hosted show to promote the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop, told RedState he was thrilled to be back on X, the social media micro-blogging formerly known as Twitter.


“I’m happy that I’m back on it,” Jack Maxey, the former Navy officer and West Palm Beach businessman.

“Look, I’m a one-man operation,” he said. “I’ve spent my retirement doing this to try and save my country. I would love to see if there was an attorney who wanted to ask why I was banned because they haven’t given me an answer.”

X, née Twitter, never gave Maxey a reason why he was restored, either, he said.

The Hunter Biden laptop was first made public when Rudy Guiliani passed a copy of its hard drive to Bannon, and other associates, in the last month before the 2020 election between President Donald J. Trump and Hunter’s father and Trump’s Democratic opponent Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Maxey said he was grateful for the collection of friends, including GOP uber-operative Vish Burra, war and immigration correspondent Michael Yon, and others who rallied to lobby Elon Musk to lift the 879-day exile that ran from March 9, 2021, to Aug. 5, 2023.

“They just said: ‘Now, it’s new criteria,’” he explained.

“There were a whole bunch of people who did the same thing,” he said.

“I couldn’t retweet every single one of them. That woman, who I don’t even know, the woman from Texas, did that kind of thing for me,” Maxey said. “She’s got like 175,000 followers–I’m really glad everybody got involved.”


In the earlier days of the Hunter Biden laptop saga, Bannon asked his then-producer Burra and Maxey to figure out what was in the laptop of import and how to box out the most salacious material, which would distract from the public debate.

Bannon has described his approach to getting people to pay attention to the laptop as: “Come for the porn. Stay for the corruption.”

Maxey took to the laptop as a vocation, posting emails and reaching out to Congress members and media outlets, such as The Washington Post and The Daily Mail.

The days leading to the Twitter ban

In his conversation with RedState, he retraced his steps leading to the day the Twitter ax fell.

“You will see on March–the last week of my Twitter life–I flew to Los Angeles and delivered copies of the laptop to The Daily Mail,” he said.

The Yale graduate said he believes the FBI and or the other government agencies were watching his movements and that they may have put the touch on Twitter.

“They did not like that,” he said.

“I gave the Eric Metaxas interview,” he said. “They did not like that—Eric even got threatened with banishment from YouTube over it.”

Maxey said he did not remember the exact day of the Metaxas interview posted, but he thinks it was March 3 or March 4, or March 5.

“It’s amazing ’cause they took it all away,” he said.


“Metaxas has been doing this for 10, 15 years; that interview got like a quarter million views from 24 hours–and I’m gone,” he said.

Going back another month from the ban, and shortly after President Joe Biden had taken the reins of the federal government, Maxey said he had begun pushing contents from the laptop onto the internet.

“Since about Feb. 8, for three weeks, I had been dumping, making available all of the visible emails on the laptop, the 8,000 that you wouldn’t need a search term to go look for,” he said.

“I dumped them all unredacted on the, uh, a company called Swiss Transfer,” he said.

“There had to have been at least 2,500 downloads around Planet Earth–unless NSA and FBI grabbed them all, but I don’t think they could have,” he said.

“That’s when I got canceled,” he said.

“They were doing that to everybody. I mean, if other people are threats–you don’t think that the guy who’s dumping from foreign soil–thousands of copies of Hunter’s emails is not a threat?”

What about Chris Heinz?

Maxey said the one person who has escaped scrutiny regarding the activities documented in Hunter Biden’s laptop is the stepson of Climate Tsar John F. Kerry, Christopher Heinz.

Heinz was the Yale roommate of Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer, and any business entities or partnerships with the nomenclature “Rosemont” are linked to the Heinz family’s investments. Rosemont Farm is the name of the 90-acre Heinz family estate in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh.


An example of this is the name of the venture, Rosemont Seneca. The Rosemont signified Heinz money was involved, and the “Seneca” was a similar device for Hunter, who is obsessed with the New York Finger Lakes. Owasco is another Finger Lake, and Hunter’s company with that name received $5 million from a Chinese businessman Ye Jianming.

Maxey said Heinz was knee-deep in Hunter’s deals.

“I watched the Tucker Carlson interview of Devin Archer; he never once mentions Chris Heinz, John Kerry’s mentioned in passing,” he said.

Yet, the purpose of their hiring at Burisma was so Kerry could get them their visas,” Maxey said.

He said that the Burisma executives were put on a travel advisory by the U.S. government, so they could not fly into European Union or anywhere else where the U.S. government’s travel sanctuary held sway.


“Heinz’s stepfather was the secretary of state when they issued the visas for these guys, so right after Biden gets this prosecutor fired, they get their visas by the end of May,” he said.

“I don’t think Hunter and Devon actually got paid by Burisma; certainly Hunter didn’t until after they got the visa.”



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