Catholic Group Announces Boycott, $1M Ad Campaign Against Dodgers

Catholic Group Announces Boycott, $1M Ad Campaign Against Dodgers
Credit to Jennifer Van Laar

As RedState’s been noting, normal people are waking to the social carnage wrought by the Sex & Death Left. They don’t like people sexualizing their kids or turning every public event into a ritual of woke political theater. Bud Light is learning it, Target is learning it, and hopefully, the Dodgers might be catching on soon.

They will if CatholicVote has anything to do with it. The group has sent a public letter to L.A. Dodgers owner Mark Walter and CEO Stan Kasten announcing a boycott of the team to be publicized by a $1 million ad campaign.

At issue, of course, is the Dodgers’ on-again, off-again invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to receive a community service award during the team’s “Pride Night” on June 16.

The team initially announced the invitation a couple of weeks ago. Then, when Catholic groups and others started calling attention to the nature of the Sisters – transgender men dressing as Catholic nuns and simulating gay sex to intentionally mock the Church – the Dodgers disinvited the group. That, in turn, alienated L.A. Pride, which backed out of Pride Night.

All of which threatened to answer the old question: What if they threw a Pride Night and nobody came? So the Dodgers caved. They re-invited the anti-Catholic bigots and apologized abjectly.

It was a smart move to get the gays to Dodger Stadium on Pride Night, but it might prove a bad move if they care about getting normal people to the ballpark every other day of the season.

CatholicVote President Brian Burch wrote to the team:

“We are supported by millions of devoted Catholics across America who believe that the time-honored values of life, family, and freedom — which the Dodgers used to celebrate — are demonstrably good for America, and worthy of respect, not ridicule.”

And he says the group has a $1 million advertising budget to encourage Catholics to boycott the team.

He’s not the only one talking boycott. Robert Barron, an influential Catholic bishop who recently served as the auxiliary bishop of the L.A. Archciocese, called for a boycott on Twitter, saying “I’m a big baseball fan. I’ve even thrown out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. But I’d encourage my friends in LA to boycott the Dodgers. Let’s not just pray, but make our voices heard in defense of our Catholic faith.”

Barron added, “The Los Angeles Dodgers have invited this group to be honored at their stadium. Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice in America, and we shouldn’t tolerate it.”

And he posted a video calling out the team.

And as I mentioned elsewhere today, the Sisters really are vile. The D.C. chapter’s website says: “When we are asked, ‘Why are you mocking nuns?’ we answer: ‘We are nuns!’ We do all that traditional nuns have done for centuries.” On Easter, they had a little skit at one of their gatherings where a man was on the cross and a Sister, who may or may not have represented the Virgin Mary twerked around him. So, you know, they’re just like real nuns.

Good on CatholicVote. Good on Bishop Barron. Good on everybody ready to stand up for decency.

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